LEGO Party!!

Hello everyone!

My youngest boy Darcy had his 7th Birthday Party a few weeks ago and I thought I would share some photos of the day.

Table setting




More Drinks

Lego Head Cake



The only food missing was the hot food. Cheerios, party pies and sausage rolls. As you can see we kept with a colour theme. Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. With the Party invites I used purple for the girls. Here are the invites

Lego Invites Front

Lego Invites Back



The back of the invite was a free download I found. Unfortunately I cannot find the link at this moment. When I do I will update it here. All the other Lego printables, like the cupcake toppers and banners, were purchased from a store on ETSY. You purchase the file, download and then print what you want to use. Super Easy!

Party Hats



Photo Booth


They loved the photo booth. I own a Polaroid camera and everyone got to take home their own photo booth pic. The downloadable also included masks, glasses, moustaches  and bow ties to use with the photo booth.

Photo Booth


Darcy with his best girl Ava!



One of the party games. They had to find the hidden Lego piece in one of these balloons. They were given a tack each and popped them like crazy. Other games included the Tallest building built with Lego in 15 seconds, the best colouring in of a Lego figure in one minute and the piñata! We called ours a pullata! We made our own from the directions we found HERE. Ours had a twist though. David (my hubby) decided we needed more trap doors holding more lollies so that more kids had a go at getting the lollies and so the lollies weren’t released after the first pull! LOL. His creation took several days to create and it was awesome. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos, so I have nothing to share, but I did tell hubby to keep it so we could use it again.

Blowing of Candles

Eating of Cake


I made the cake with Vanilla cake mix and coloured the layers to suit the colour theme. It was heaps of fun to create and super easy!

Well I hope you liked out little party and if you have any questions please just ask.

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Boys can be Fairies too!

Hello everyone!

I am having lots of fun scrapping lately, and I have heaps more to share. I completed a double LO yesterday and I absolutely love it. I cannot wait to share, but I want to find the perfect place to take a photo of them. As you will see in the next photo I am getting quite a glare in the spot I am currently using. Which is unfortunate as it is the best place for light. So please forgive me for the crappy photos…LOL!

I attempted a new technique with this LO. I have seen some beautiful things made with melted crayon on Pinterest I thought I would have a go! I have however discovered you have to use a certain type of crayon. Different brands obviously have different amounts of oil in them. As you can see in this photo the first blue from left and the yellow didn’t leave an oily residue around the melted crayon where the rest did. Funnily I am not sure what brands they are as I used my kids crayons and a lot of them have their wrappers missing! LOL! I will play some more and let you know!

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Birthday Time!

Hello everyone!

Today is my eldest daughters birthday. My beautiful, gorgeous, kind, and hip daughter, Jemma! Who loves to get kisses by her youngest brother, Darcy

Lat year her favourite colour was purple, well this year it is black and pink. So her card and presents are decorated so.

The ‘in’ thing lately seems to be hexagons, so I thought I would have a play with them on this card. I don’t have any sort of hexagon punch or die so I knew I had to create these from scratch when I realised our Stampin’ Up! Dimensionals were the perfect size and shape.

The splotches is just Whisper White ink refill being splattered over the left hand side of the card and I really like how that has turned out. I may have smudged a couple of drops but I was in such a hurry to finish as I have a few things to do today, being a birthday in the house and all.

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Established Elegance

Hello everyone!

I just had a very lovely weekend with my upline Madonna and 10 other fellow demos on retreat. It was just fabulous to get away and just create non-stop……well maybe we stopped to eat and sleep, but that’s about it. I walked away with lots of cards to share with you all and I will be posting them here for the next couple of weeks.

The first one I want to share is one of the cards I made from the ‘challenge bag’. Madonna had a brown paper bag full of challenges. We had to close our eyes and pick one out. Mine was to create a monochromatic card.

I may have pulled this stamp set out more than once on the weekend, but hey, I cannot help myself, I just love it. I did play with my stapler on this one, though, so there was something a little different. LOL! I also have to tell you that I did use the Dotted Scallop Ribbon Border punch A LOT! I used it so much and I asked for it so often that everyone just started calling it the KB punch for short because I also kept forgetting the proper name for it. LOL!

Anyway, I hope you stick around for the next couple of weeks so I can show you all the things I made and that I can inspire you in some way.

Before I go I just have to share with you all a couple of pics of my ultra cute and too funny Nephew Tre.

One with his mummy

And one with my kiddies. He is seriously cute people.

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Birthday Treats!!

It was my sweet girl, Akayla’s Birthday on the second of December, and she loves everything pretty, and so do I. That’s why I have lots of fun making her card and wrapping her goodies. A very pink and green girl to! Loves a princess or two also! LOL!

Oohhh I love those colours. I used Regal Rose, Pear Pizzazz and Very Vanilla, with a little Early Espresso. Oh and the bow is Pretty in Pink 5/8″ Satin Ribbon.

The stamp sets used are Array of Sunshine and Happiest Birthday Wishes. Both sets are found in the hostess section of the Stampin’ Up! catalogue. They are both gorgeous sets and worth having.

Here are some pics of the nights festivities

So that’s another year done. I wish it would slow down, my babies are growing up too quickly. My youngest starts Prep next year and I am just not looking forward to being by myself with no one to entertain. I suppose after a couple of weeks of twiddling my thumbs I will find heaps to do……maybe even card making!! LOL!

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Family Fun!

Hey everyone!

This is quite a long post and involves no crafting. Sorry about that. I have some fun family pics to share with friends and family and they go as far back as Easter and include three birthdays! LOL! well overdue don’t you think? But I do understand if the crafty girls don’t stick round!

Every year we have the traditional Easter Egg Hunt. This would have to be my favourite part of the day. The look of joy and rapture on my children’s faces when they find a secretly hidden egg is simply priceless. It ends with the four of them laying the chocolatey prizes on the kitchen table and splitting the stash equally between them. So sweet! It does look like, however, Darcy may have had one on the go! LOL!

These pics are of Darcy and his newly acquired speed machine. Our neighbours kindly offer their obstruction free backyard for Darcy to go wild in. The first shot is when Darcy realised I was taking piccys and when I do this without asking he gets that little smirk happening {SO CUTE!}, The next pic is Quite funny…..Darcy looks strictly business! LOL! I think I would quickly jump out of the way!

Wouldn’t want to get on his bad side! LOL!

The next lot of photos are of my oldest child, Sean. This was on his 13th Birthday, so I officially have a teenager in the house! LOL! Sean is such a sweet kid, and has a very pleasant nature, and is always trying to please everyone. Is always super helpful to me and sometimes I don’t know what I would do without him! Love you Sean!

Ummm….what’s next……

Ohhh Yes! Exactly two weeks after Sean’s Birthday, Darcy has his. As you can see he is a huge Thomas fan!

Such a funny little man. In this next shot he asked me take some piccys of his brand new model car he received from Dad and I for his birthday. He asked to take it from different angles and positions and in this one he was peaking through the side windows to ensure I was doing it right!! LOL!

For those who haven’t met Darcy, he is a boy of many faces and personalities! Some days he will ask me to take photos of him and he will pull a multitude of different faces and poses until he has had enough and then other days he will run and hide from the camera! The next shot is of Darcy in one of his posing moods!

A very funny boy!

But I think I figured out where he gets it from…….

HIS FATHER!!! My hubby, David, is a mechanic by trade and loves to tinker and play with things. He was the one to motorise the above go-kart that Darcy rides. That go-kart started its life as a simple pedal car. But hubby likes to sup things up….so if something looks like a motor can be put on it, it will get one! You can imagine the things I have had to hide from this man, can’t you??? Especially the kitchen goods.

On this particular day hubby did a “dump run”. You know dumps are the place where you dispose of things. Well my hubby brings stuff home! LOL! I will say though he can get some real bargains. Above is one of those acquirements. The old racer came in handy replacing Sean’s brakes on his bike. So he stripped this old thing for the goods. When he finished though he decided to put the small wheel on the front of the racer and have a ride. It was very funny!

Even Jemma had a go, much to the amusement of Darcy and Akayla.

The last lot of photos are from today. Today my oldest daughter, Jemma, turned 10. Double digits!! I cannot believe it! My family is growing up so fast. The funny thing is you don’t realise how fast time goes until you start having children. Have you noticed that?

Just have to warn you that the following image may contain the exposure of nostrils and eyeballs. This is Jemma’s ‘go to’ pose on special occasions! This girl is super funny and always makes me laugh. LOL!

But on a more serious note, she was super excited I organised a horse cake for her birthday. Isn’t it beautiful….I suppose the girl in the shot is too! LOL!

Jemma has been pleading with me for ages to buy her some of the figurines from the Painted Ponies collections. They are simply stunning and gorgeous hand painted and crafted horses. Check out the site Trail of Painted Ponies to see what I am talking about. There is something for everyone and I think I have started something that could quite easy get out of control. Jem has already chosen the one she wants for Christmas! LOL! For her birthday we got the Cowgirl Cadillac horse. She would love to get the Happy Trails horse next but I have found that it is retired and will hope to find one on ebay or something.

I love this last shot! It reminds me when I was this age and birthdays and making wishes were very important…..more important than cake, but alas you needed cake to make that wish! LOL! It also reminds me of childhood innocence, so sweet and serene…love it! Not to mention it looks like Jem has a sibling also hoping her wish comes true! LOL!

Straight after, though, Dad had to keep asking her if her wish has come true yet!

Dad- “Has your wish come true yet?”

Jemma- “No not yet”

Dad- “What about now?”

Jemma- “No”

Dad- “Now?”

Jemma- “DAD!! Stop it!”

Poor girl! Dad is such a tease!

Well that’s all I have to share with you. I promise to keep more up to date with these things and of course my next post will be all about craft for all those crafty girls!

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Feeling a little Grungy!!

Hey everyone!

I had a fabulous day today! I created a couple of cards, I had awesome company {waving at Andrea} and I took some very cute photos of my son, Darcy and his cute little girlfriend Ava.

The card I am showing you today had been sitting on my desk for about a month……not the whole thing of course or I would have blogged it. Have you ever started a card and thought….Hmmmmm it needs something….but OMG!!! I don’t have it. So you buy it just to finish it? Well in this case I needed the Smooch Spritz in silver foil colour and I am so glad I waited. LOL!

I really like this one!! A LOT! There is a lot going on more than you probably realise. The base piece is Naturals Ivory. I clear embossed the diamond pattern stamp from the Grunge Rock set, scrunched up the CS, then smooch spritzed it then ‘tapped’ the real red ink pad over the top. Pretty nice huh?

I ruffled the Black ribbon and stapled it into place. I love this effect and think it suits the style well.

Okay… I have to show you a couple of these photos I took today. But first a little BG. We first met the Francis family when Darcy and Ava were a few months old. Ava’s sister, Sahmara, is best friends with my youngest girl Akayla and Ava’s Mum, Andrea, is my good friend and scrapping buddy.

We have always joked about Ava and Darcy being an item…….but not this early!! LOL!

They were super funny. Ava was playing with some lipstick and dolled herself up just a little bit. Darcy also wanted it on so Ava obliged. Ava did inform us though that Darcy’s lippy was a bit messy and hers was just perfect..LOL! We of course had to take some piccy’s…..and look what happened next……

We didn’t want that lipstick to go to waste now did we?! Oh how CUTE!!!

Well that’s all from me today…..I fell like making another card!

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Aren’t they just the cutest??!

Hey everyone!

I have nothing crafty to show you right now but I just wanted to share with you all the new additions to our family. They are not puppies or kittens or even guinea pigs, these ones produce eggs! Yep that’s right we have chickens. They are the cutest things and the kids love them. The kids have all chosen their favourites and named them. We have a Pecker (a little of his top beak is missing), a Fluffins (there had to be one…LOL!), a Tucker (short for Kentucky), a Red (short for…you guessed it Red Rooster plus she is a very rich red colour), and last but not least Twisty ( this ones beak is a little twisted and she is also quite orange like Twisties).

Here are some pics-

We have had them for about two weeks now and Red is already laying. Three eggs from her so far. What a good girl! LOL!

Oh well that’s it!!!! I just wanted to show you these cute little guys! My job is done!

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Just a little break….I promise!

Hey everyone!

After everything that has happened this past fortnight I just hadn’t found time to participate in this weeks challenge. I will try and have a play during the week, but I will definitely be back by next week to participate in the next challenge.

I also have to tell all my fellow demos that I won’t be making it to the Melbourne SU convention this year……I know….so sad!  But I have a good excuse. I was going to have a huge garage sale these coming months to pay for my trip, but I have decided to donate all of it to the flood victims here in Grantham. I have beds and cupboards and all sorts of nic-nacs and baby clothes and toys… know all that housey stuff! LOL! We refurnished some of house last year and have had the replaced goods sitting in the shed. We were going to have the garage sale in November last year but held off. See it was meant to be! I of course feel very comfortable with my decision and I just want to say I will miss attending this awesome event and I want you all to update me with all sorts of information if you are going…okay….promise?! LOL!

Thanks for dropping by!

Just a wee wet!

Hey everyone!

Warning- This post is quite long

Well…….. what a week it has been!!! …….I am sure that the whole world has heard, one way or another, that the state  Queensland, Australia has been experiencing the worst floods it has ever seen. It has been raining here where I live constantly for nearly four weeks, sometimes just ultra light showers with some sunshine about but a lot of it has been very heavy and no sunshine for days. Here is a rundown of what has been happening here in Gatton and surrounding areas-

On the 27th of December Upper Tenthill catchment area, which is upstream from us, had a cloud burst and our already swollen creeks received even more water. The word was that the 1974 level mark could be surpassed. Here is a photo I took that evening at Davey’s Bridge which is about 250 metres from our house-

That wee little blue sign is our 1974 flood level indicator. It did not go much higher than this thankfully! (Note how the water is free of debris… is a Nesquik colour, but free of debris nonetheless. Also take note of the bow wave over the concrete pylons…you will see why soon….be patient! LOL!)

The OTHER side-

This particular day there ended up being only one way out of town, and that was to the Warrego Highway and it was free to Toowoomba and Brisbane. My parents who live in Lower Tenthill were cut off and all towns past them, as was Grantham, Ma Ma Creek and Esk. But not for long.

We were treated to a beautiful sunset that evening

This water flowed through and exposed Davey’s Bridge again and we had access to Placid Hills again (a little estate just up the road from Gatton). This wee little bridge has been through absolute hell but it surprises me everytime it goes under a torrent of water that it comes out like brand new.

The railway bridge is just to the left of this pic.

It rained on and off for the next few days, the creek kept flowing but all roads were open again.

Most of you would definitely seen what happened in Toowoomba on the 10th around 2pm. They experienced Flash Flooding that has never seen before, caused by an enormous amount of rainful within a couple of hours. Some reported about 115mm. Some family and friends had contacted us and told us what had just happened so we were able to get on the internet, TV and radio and find out further info about what to expect.

As you can see cars bobbed around like ping-pong balls. I know these streets so well as I am a regular visitor to Toowoomba. They were all in the centre of town amongst major shopping centres. Toowoomba is only half an hour travel by road from our home so not too far away at all……this water headed our way and fast. Towns at the bottom of the range like Withcott and Murphy’s Creek had little to no warning of the wall of water heading their way. I cannot even imagine what these people experienced. An enormous shock I am sure. Helidon was next. This was when I saw footage of how this town was turned into a lake and David and I decided to pack our belongings, grab the children and pets and seek higher ground. We were being advised by authorities if you live in low-lying areas around the Lockyer Creek you should go. Lockyer Creek approaches Gatton from the Western side,wraps around the North and spits back out on the Eastern side. We live on the Northern side and are as I said before approx 250m from the Creek. All I could picture was this low-lying side of town turning into a lake. Especially if Helidon was. As we were packing Grantham was hit and hit hard. They were totally obliterated. Houses were ripped off stumps and floating away over paddocks, cars too. A local resident seeking refuge on his roof saw people floating down the street, approached to help and found he was too late. They were already dead.

I took a photo of the 8m wall of water heading for Gatton from Grantham at the highest point of Gatton, the water tower.

We were so very lucky. The creek that travelled around Gatton was deep and wide enough to take the water and we didn’t flood anywhere near as bad as the previous towns. But I must say, since so much water dispersed at the other towns and started spreading out to all the farm land we didn’t see as much water as first thought. We went home. We still had a sleepless night though as the water did not peak until around 6.30pm and it was reported to go just above the ’74 flood marker. It receded very slowly and David checked it every hour to make sure we didn’t have to do any quick getaways.

The next morning we all went to check the level and it had receded quite substantially. Great news! So very happy! We watched new footage on TV of most of the aftermath of the towns upstream. All of it was aerial shots as roads were still impassible from all the damage and debris. At this point 4 people were confirmed dead and around 72 missing. Most of these from Murphy’s Creek and Grantham. We just prayed for those who were missing, hoping they would be found on higher ground. Thinking that now it was time for clean up we were hit with another test from Mother Nature.

 I haven’t told you this but there are two major creeks that flow into Gatton. The Lockyer Creek and the Tenthill Creek, you have heard all about the Lockyer Creek already, you need to know about the Tenthill one too. There is another catchment area up past Tenthill towards Mt Sylvia and Junction View and it all flows down the Tenthill Creek. They experienced some huge thunderstorms with very heavy rainfall of their own similar to Toowoomba’s the day before. We were in for it again. This had to be worse than yesterday, the Lockyer was still flowing and now with Tenthill Creek flowing heavily and joined the Lockyer Creek just before Gatton. Here we go again!!!!!!

We watched the creek rise, along with all the other residents of Gatton. talked to the Police and SES crews to find out if we should evacuate. They were happy for us to stay for the time being. here are some pics

In the foreground in the Tenthill Creek, way off in the distance is the water coming from Grantham and the Lockyer Creek.

Part of the Lockyer

Remember I told you to take note of the debris and bow wave over the pylons! We were only at Davey’s Bridge for an hour. This is just a touch of what was coming down that river. We counted four TV’s, five fridges (one had a snake hitchhiking a ride), ten balls (mostly soccer ones),  assorted furniture, three gas bottles, eight tyres, parts of housing like guttering, a large fruit picking bin, watermelons, hay bales, enormous tree trunks, three 44 gallon drums and half a boat. All I could think of were those poor people whose homes and possessions were now floating past us heading ultimately to Moreton Bay.

See the bow wave. That should give some indication on how much faster it was flowing today compared to the 27th December. See the ’74 flood mark. It’s safe to say we went over it. Half an hour later the sign disappeared totally.

The other side.

The way to Grantham

The way to my Mum and Dad’s. I kept in constant contact with them and advised that they evacuate to higher ground as the Tenthill Creek is just behind their home and it was rising fast. They made it to safety at a friend’s place and stayed there until nightfall.

We evacuated as well went the creek was at its peak. When it receded once again we went home and continued with constant checks during the evening and had a couple of hours sleep when we realised it had dropped a few metres.

The next day towns downstream were copping it. Glenore Grove and Marburg, and straight into Ipswich. Laidley and forest Hill were flooding from another river system in the Mulgowie hills and all day while search and rescue was still happening upstream, 300 residents from Forest Hill was air lifted out and placed in Gatton for safety. The loop the choppers were doing had them circling over our house to land at the Showgrounds.

They were so low that the guy in the doorway was waving down at us as I took the photos, our whole house shook and we could not hear each other talking. We had to yell! It kept the boys quiet anyway! LOL! They spent most of the day outside watching them all fly over. There was about five different ones going past all day. It was an amazing site.

It is now the 13th. Things have quietened down a bit, but there are still plenty of chopper runs happening and of course searches for the missing are still underway. I pray they are found and of course alive. There has been too much devastation and some good news would be lovely.

Well I best be going. I have a neighbour behind us burning polystyrene in his backyard and is making us all sick. Best sort him out hey!

Thanks for dropping by!