Wild About You Birthday Cards!

Hey everyone!

Well this weekend was mainly spent reorganising our house so that we will all fit in it for another few years. You can just imagine having 6 people living in a 3 bedroom house………something like a night mare LOL! I did however have a very valid excuse to make a couple of birthday cards. The kids were invited to a birthday party being hosted by two sisters, one aged 2 and the other 4. I did say to Teneale that I was going to CASE her beautiful card from the latest Inkspiration Challenge. I however was not able to generate something that even remotely came close to the perfection of Teneales! But I gave it a go LOL!

As you can tell I gave this one to the 4 yo. I even decorated the inside just like Ten!

It was such a fun card that Teneale made that I just had to have a go!! Just soooo CUTE!!!

Okay now for the second card. The design for this one resembles the Matchbook Birthday book we made at convention. See…..no original ideas were rolling around in my head this week! LOL!

Sorry about the photo!! It doesn’t really resemble the card in real life! Now I must tell you that I made this card in 30 mins flat!! I spent so much time on the first card the second one unfortunately suffered severe loss in the designing section, hence also the crooked stamping…LOL! I think if I had more time I would have done it soo much differently, but as it was I only left myself 15 mins to get showered and dressed and drive to the party. Lucky they only live 3 minutes away!!!

I also did the inside of this card, but it is similar to Ten’s card as well…..I am starting to like doing the inside. Might do that some more.

Well I am sorry that there are no original ideas! Maybe this week will see me creating more ‘Grungy’ things! Who knows??

Thanks for dropping by!