I just couldn’t help myself!!

Hey everyone!

Well you all saw my little teaser on my previous post……didn’t you?? It was about my little woopsie on a card that I made at retreat!! I even used a stamp set that has been something of a ‘I will never purchase or use that set’ set……if you know what I mean??

Well I bit the bullet, so to speak, and had a play. But I do plead with you all not to mention the fore mentioned woopsie….hehe!

It is pretty obvious isn’t it? Okay that is the last time I will mention it! But it is just sticking out there like a sore thumb……I just cannot avert my eyes from this particular train wreck!! LOL! Okay …okay! I’m alright…everything is okay! I just hope I haven’t scarred you all! I hope you are proud of me for using a set that just isn’t my thing.

Well now that the worst is over, come back tomorrow for more……well I was going to say eye candy…but it just doesn’t fit!

Thanks for dropping by!