The Birthday Boy!


Hey everyone!

I have been a little busy……..actually a whole lot busy! I will be heading for Sydney in two more sleeps and I have not started packing yet! Must get a wriggle on hey?! I am just extremely lucky that Keesh has decided to let this weeks Inkspiration slide and we’ll be back next week with awesome ideas and some exciting news to boot! Don’t you love being kept in suspense? LOL!

Yesterday it was my youngest childs birthday! After everything that has happened so far this year with this youngster it was extra emotional….for me anyway! I cannot speak for anyone else. He has turned three and seems to be three times the trouble of any child I know. But Ohhh how I love him so! This year we decided he was ready for his own bike. For the past year he has been pushing his brothers’ and sister’s bikes around the yard. It was a good hint at what he might have liked anyway. We got him a gorgeous Real Red bicycle and I decided to make a card to match.

Just ignore the mistakes. I had done too much to start again! LOL! How slack am I??! But I was making this card at about 12 midnight the day before his birthday! Nothing like leaving it to the last-minute!

Here are some pics from the day


Isn’t he just the cutest?! Don’t let those baby blues get to you though. He is TROUBLE!! with an extra big capital T! LOL! The candle blowing was extra funny. For some reason he was in a hurry and half way through the ‘Happy Birthday’ song he blew the candles out. The last photo was when we just started singing. Funny fellow….we were all sitting in the dark still singing happy birthday! LOL!

But anyway I hope to take photos of my gifts and swaps today and have them ready to post while I’m away at convention. Or maybe I should start the packing!!! What do you think?

Thanks for dropping by!