What a Day!!!!

Well…….I’m beat! I have just got home and I am hoping for a HUGE sleep in in the morning. But I had the most fantastic day today! Today was Brisbane Regionals and you will never believe it but a week ago I was asked to participate by jumping on stage and do a Workshop WOW!!! Of course I said yes…..how often are you asked to do something like this? During the weekend I was starting to realise, though, that I would be in front of over 200 of my peers……AND what was I going to WOW these people with???? LOL!

Well to cut a long story short I decided to go with paper flowers and I have some fabulous photos to show you. They are from today and also of my WOW samples

First up I did some catching up with friends….I missed getting a photo of my upline Madonna. She ended up behind my camera today taking lots of photos…..Thank you Mads!!

This is Donna Griffith! This lovely lady showed some very cool techniques and also gave us all our own “I {heart} STAMPS” badge just like the one she is wearing. It was super cute and she told us that her and her husband made them all especially for us. How sweet is that?

My name in the bright lights…..well sort of!

My look of concentration! LOL

My samples on screen!

The cameraman, Barry, was simply awesome! He did the most fantastic closeups!

Look at all those people looking at me!! I was nearly hyperventilating!! LOL!

Not sure about that look! LOL!

Having a little laugh with Amanda up the back.

Then Aaron’s turn! LOL!

All the presenters for the day! From left Sophie Zadeh (from SU), Ursula James, myself, Sharon Turnbul, Rebecca Ross and Liz Collette. I hope I have spelt all their names correctly! I think we all had a great time.

Now for my samples

This was the Rose bud flower project. This is the one Stampin’ Up! decided to keep so I took a quick photo there before I handed it over!

I then showcased my scallop circle layer, carnation like, flower. I think this project is my favourite. I then showed two more samples using this flower.

So what do you think?? I know I had an absolute blast…..even if I was extremely nervous!! LOL!

Well I am off to bed! I have had a BIG week and I am super tired…..

Thanks for dropping by!