150 Subscribers!!

Hey everyone!

Do you remember this POST?┬áThe one where I offered my 150th subscriber a card? You all know how slack I am too right??!! LOL! This lovely lady who subscribed to my blog and became the 150th person to do so, subscribed over two weeks ago! I am now close to 160 subscribers on this here blog and I am just blown away by the support, love and wonderful comments I have received from you all! You are all special to me….Thank you!

Now the subscriber has been notified and her name is Paula and it looks like Paula is from New Zealand! Paula now has to choose one of the three cards below and I will send it to her asap!

A few different styles to choose from….I hope you like at least one of them Paula! LOL! I would have loved to let you choose whatever you wanted but a lot of these cards have been given away and unfortunately I don’t have the time to recreate at the moment. I will have to lat you all know about that later, I am so secretive! LOL!

This was so much fun I might even do it again real soon. I will probably randomly choose people in the subscribers list and then email them. What do you think? Should I do it??

I will let you know the result.

Thanks for dropping by!