UStamp Hey Bigshot Project #2

Hey everyone!

My other UStamp project went live today on the Hey BigShot session! I liked this project quite a lot as it was quick and easy. Don’t we all love just quick and easy?? I know with my time restrictions on creating time limits my size of projects. This one took about 40 minutes to put together. With less decoration you can put it together much faster!

It is my Top Note Gift Wallet. Isn’t it cute??

If you would like to know how to make this go to UStamp and join. When you do you will be able to access a heap of projects specially designed for the Big Shot just like this one. There are also a heap of challenges with prizes. Not to mention all the chatting you will most likely get up to in the chat room! LOL! 

See you there!

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UStamp Announcement!

Hey everyone!

I am very excited to announce that the next UStamp session, ‘Early Summer Edition’,  is now available to purchase at the Early Bird special of US$19.99 until June 1st. This session will begin June 25th and finish July 16th. It will be full of good ideas! All sorts of themes like ‘Christmas in July’, Back to School and Halloween plus many more.

Would you like to win a FREE PASS to this event? It’s very easy. Just go to UStamp with Dawn and Friends and leave a comment and Dawn will have 13 winners chosen randomly. You have until the 31st of May to do this. The winners will be announced June 1st. If one of the winners selected has already paid for the session you will be refunded.

This is the blinkie you can have on your site when you win or join UStamp

I wish all my readers good luck and I will see you at the next session!

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ETA- The link up top has been updated as people were having trouble finding the comment section. Good Luck!

UStamp Project #1

Hey everyone!

I am down here at Sydney in the hotel room super excited about tomorrow morning! I have caught up with quite a few demos and had dinner with the likes of Teneale Williams and Sarah-Jane in Harbourside! But enough of that I am here to show you the UStamp project I have up for this session….and here it is-

I thought I would also show you one of the eight (different designs) swaps I made for convention!!

So there you go! Well I am off to bed! I am so tired and it is a big day tomorrow!! HEHE!

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Awesome UStamp Projects!

Hey everyone!

I thought I would pop in here today and show you all this gorgeous little Picnic Basket that Danielle Daws designed for the ‘Hey Big Shot’ session over at UStamp. This was my recreation.

I plan on placing sample jars of exotic jams inside and give them to the grandparents. Isn’t it just gorgeous?! Danielle has done a fabulous job don’t you think?! I cannot wait to create more of these!

If you would like to create cool projects like this one and heaps more, then head over to Dawn’s blog  to join UStamp.

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UStamp Pass WINNERS!

Hey everyone!

Well it’s time to draw the winners for the TWO FREE PASSES!! My daughter Jemma is ready to draw them and the first one pulled from the hat is………..


the second is


Congratulations ladies!!!! I will email you both with your blinkie codes.

You are both going to have the most fabulous time on this session playing with your Bigshots and accessories. Not too mention having the opportunity to win prizes and meet new stamper friends or catch up with some old ones. I hope to see you there in the chat room and all your fabulous recreations in the gallery.

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UStamp Announcement!


Hey everyone!

That’s right it is time for another UStamp. The Hey Big Shot!! session will start May 7th. Not too far away now!! WooHoo!! Now for those who are unaware of what UStamp is about, it is a UTOPIA of gorgeous Stampin’ Up! projects posted daily designed by a fabulous hand-picked Design Team from all around the world. There are heaps of challenges to participate in as well, with the chance to win some fabulous prizes. There is a gallery to upload all your fabulous recreations and challenge entries. There is a chat room that we regularly meet in and prizes are given out. See lots of fun! How could you miss it??!

I will be one of the designers amongst a heap of other fabulous crafters who have been creating the most fabulous projects for you all. I am very excited about this session as it is devoted to the Big Shot. So if you want some fabulous ideas and projects for your Big Shot….this will be the place to be. If you would like to sign up today, ready for the “Big” event then head over to UStamp and click on the appropriate link.

Here is my blinkie for being the Australian Dream Team Designer-

I also have TWO FREE PASSES to give away as well. The two people who win these passes can have the members blinkie below. But if you decide to join through the UStamp link above you will also get this blinkie-

Lucky devils!! These blinkies are just gorgeous aren’t they!!

Now to win these passes all you have to do is answer a simple question-

Q- Name just one of the two projects I submitted to the last UStamp

Both of these projects were published on this blog as well as UStamp. Just leave a comment under this post with your answer and all the correct answers will go into the draw……. BUT this time you can all have the opportunity to DOUBLE even TRIPLE your chances. It is so easy to do.

To Double your chances all you have to do is answer the question correctly and email me with a $50 Stampin’ Up! order

To Triple your chances all you have to do is answer the question correctly and email me with a $100 Stampin’ Up! order

 Now seeing as it is the BIG SHOT event I have decided that you can have 5% OFF any Big Shot product in your order. This includes the Big Shot, accessories and dies. Everyone that places an order will also go in a different draw to have the chance to win the HOSTESS ONLY set Picture This (clear mount). This set is in the Autumn/Winter Mini on page 4. So there are lots to give away, so take advantage of this fabulous offer and email me today.

Please be aware the added bonus only applies to Australian residents only. All others can still enter the draw for the Free Pass, just answer the question correctly. All orders are to be received by 29th of April and please make a note that you are entering the UStamp competition in the order so that your name is added to the draw.

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Gardeners Gift Box!

Hey everyone!

I have been a busy girl of late….not long now and the kids will be back at school…..4 day and counting LOL! I thought I would show you all the other project I submitted to UStamp for the current Spring Soiree session. I tell you there are some fabulous projects being posted and when I have some time I will be recreating them and posting them here just to show you all! I am also very excited about the next session. I will keep it under wraps for now…..just to tease you all! haha!

Isn’t it just gorgeous. I have someone in mind to give this too, but my lips are sealed as I know she visits my blog…..see Karen I have other stalkers too LOL!!….and I want it to be a surprise!

Here’s a pic of what’s inside!

Some hand creams and lotions for the care of the true blue gardener. If you would like to get the tutorial for this project, the Easter bunny box and heaps of other fabulous projects join UStamp today and get creating. Even though the session is nearly finished you can still join as Dawn will leave the site open for quite a few months after the event.

I have a workshop tonight, so I best be off to prepare!

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UStamp Spring Soriee Project!

Hey everyone!

I have been missing in action for nearly a week now. It’s because we, being my family and friends, had an emergency on the weekend. I won’t get into details here on my blog. It was very traumatic and at the moment we are all trying to adjust and we are all having counselling. I am also getting a lot of support from family and friends. Please don’t get me wrong, everything is okay! It was just a very close call!

Now onto my UStamp project….wel one of them anyway! LOL! We all know Easter is on its way! I decided to create something to hold the 100g Cadbury Chocolate Easter Bunny! Or of course anything else that would fit, like a bag of solid mini eggs! So without further ado…..

Isn’t she GORJUS!!! I had heaps of fun making this one and it is so easy to make! Punch art seems to be popular at the moment……or I am just seeing a lot of it! LOL! Well that’s all I have to show you at the moment. I will be back tomorrow with Keesh’s challenge!

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UStamp Pass Winner!

Hey everyone!

Well this morning was an absolute disaster! I don’t think I will go into it…but let’s just say nothing went right! Also it’s not getting any better! Anyone else would just laugh but I didn’t sleep well so therefore awoke as the cranky old bat! Poor hubby ran for cover…quite quickly actually…..must mean he has been up to no good! I must investigate that!!

But anyway I think you have figured out that I didn’t have a chance to have one of my daughters choose the UStamp Pass winner before school this morning. So instead, just after getting home from swimming lessons, I had Darcy choose the winner! He took his time too. It was so funny! We had all the names inside the hat and he mixed them and mixed them …..and mixed them some more.  I had to keep asking him to hurry up and choose a name (remember…I have my cranky pants on)……finally he chose one and the winner is….

14. Karen Thomas  |  Tuesday, 16 th March, 10 at ‘7:11 am’

Ohhhhhhhh PICK ME PICK ME!!! That would be the SOCK MONKEY!!



You lucky girl you! I will email you soon with details! I know you will have fabulous time at the Spring Soiree 2010!

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Another UStamp Pass Giveaway

Hey eveyone!

Yep it’s that time again!

Would you like to enjoy a months worth of project tutorials, prizes, chat and fabulous challenges?? …..of course not to mention the lifetime friendships you will make. Then UStamp is the place for you! And I have a FREE PASS to give away. Most of you know how I do this, but for those who don’t I will ask a question and you will then leave me a comment with your answer under this post. I will then put all the names of the correct answers in a hat and have one of my daughters to draw it out! Okay so are you ready??!

Q–  What is the name of the stamp set that I used at Team Retreat that had a nasty “accident” ?

LOL! Too funny! A few of you know exactly what I am talking about. Others will just have to read previous posts. I will give one hint though…….It is the first time I have used this stamp set.

I will be back by Wednesday morning to announce the winner….just before the kids go to school!


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