UStamp Announcement!

Hey everyone!

I am very excited to announce that the next UStamp session, ‘Early Summer Edition’,  is now available to purchase at the Early Bird special of US$19.99 until June 1st. This session will begin June 25th and finish July 16th. It will be full of good ideas! All sorts of themes like ‘Christmas in July’, Back to School and Halloween plus many more.

Would you like to win a FREE PASS to this event? It’s very easy. Just go to UStamp with Dawn and Friends and leave a comment and Dawn will have 13 winners chosen randomly. You have until the 31st of May to do this. The winners will be announced June 1st. If one of the winners selected has already paid for the session you will be refunded.

This is the blinkie you can have on your site when you win or join UStamp

I wish all my readers good luck and I will see you at the next session!

Thanks for dropping by!

ETA- The link up top has been updated as people were having trouble finding the comment section. Good Luck!


2 thoughts on “UStamp Announcement!

  1. Kirsty, I must be blind but where on earth is the comments link on the UStamp blog?? Maybe just a hitch with blogger for now? I will try again later. I just didn’t see any mention of the free passes on the blog.

    Hugs, Jean


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