UStamp Pass Winner!

Hey everyone!

Well this morning was an absolute disaster! I don’t think I will go into it…but let’s just say nothing went right! Also it’s not getting any better! Anyone else would just laugh but I didn’t sleep well so therefore awoke as the cranky old bat! Poor hubby ran for cover…quite quickly actually…..must mean he has been up to no good! I must investigate that!!

But anyway I think you have figured out that I didn’t have a chance to have one of my daughters choose the UStamp Pass winner before school this morning. So instead, just after getting home from swimming lessons, I had Darcy choose the winner! He took his time too. It was so funny! We had all the names inside the hat and he mixed them and mixed them …..and mixed them some more.  I had to keep asking him to hurry up and choose a name (remember…I have my cranky pants on)……finally he chose one and the winner is….

14. Karen Thomas  |  Tuesday, 16 th March, 10 at ‘7:11 am’

Ohhhhhhhh PICK ME PICK ME!!! That would be the SOCK MONKEY!!



You lucky girl you! I will email you soon with details! I know you will have fabulous time at the Spring Soiree 2010!

Thanks for dropping by!


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