Gardeners Gift Box!

Hey everyone!

I have been a busy girl of late….not long now and the kids will be back at school…..4 day and counting LOL! I thought I would show you all the other project I submitted to UStamp for the current Spring Soiree session. I tell you there are some fabulous projects being posted and when I have some time I will be recreating them and posting them here just to show you all! I am also very excited about the next session. I will keep it under wraps for now…..just to tease you all! haha!

Isn’t it just gorgeous. I have someone in mind to give this too, but my lips are sealed as I know she visits my blog…..see Karen I have other stalkers too LOL!!….and I want it to be a surprise!

Here’s a pic of what’s inside!

Some hand creams and lotions for the care of the true blue gardener. If you would like to get the tutorial for this project, the Easter bunny box and heaps of other fabulous projects join UStamp today and get creating. Even though the session is nearly finished you can still join as Dawn will leave the site open for quite a few months after the event.

I have a workshop tonight, so I best be off to prepare!

Thanks for dropping by!


8 thoughts on “Gardeners Gift Box!

  1. ROFLOL – and here I was thinking I was the ONLY stalker!!! You must tell me who she is so I can intercept her mail man – cause I seriously am inlove with this project!!! I can pick your work every time on Ustamp now………..I just know your style so well!

    Great job chicki!



  2. This is such a gorgeous little project you have there!!! I am sure the recipient will absolutely love it. Makes me want to bring out my poor neglected Petal Pizzazz and have a play. Karen T is also a regular stalker on my blog (hmm, maybe I should offer her some candy!!).

    Karen G.


  3. Oh wow, I see you’re working wonders with that Petal Pizzazz set again! This is fabulous, Kirsty! You’ve certainly gotten your money’s worth out of this set 😀 And I bet you’ve made the company sell a bunch with all of your wonderful creations!



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