UStamp Spring Soriee Project!

Hey everyone!

I have been missing in action for nearly a week now. It’s because we, being my family and friends, had an emergency on the weekend. I won’t get into details here on my blog. It was very traumatic and at the moment we are all trying to adjust and we are all having counselling. I am also getting a lot of support from family and friends. Please don’t get me wrong, everything is okay! It was just a very close call!

Now onto my UStamp project….wel one of them anyway! LOL! We all know Easter is on its way! I decided to create something to hold the 100g Cadbury Chocolate Easter Bunny! Or of course anything else that would fit, like a bag of solid mini eggs! So without further ado…..

Isn’t she GORJUS!!! I had heaps of fun making this one and it is so easy to make! Punch art seems to be popular at the moment……or I am just seeing a lot of it! LOL! Well that’s all I have to show you at the moment. I will be back tomorrow with Keesh’s challenge!

Thanks for dropping by!

11 thoughts on “UStamp Spring Soriee Project!

  1. Do hope everything is okay with you now. Obviously a major trauma if you need counselling. Love your Easter Bunny. Hope you and your family enjoy a nice Easter and can put your troubles behind you.

  2. Wow the lovely Felicity Fernandez, was inspired by your gorjus bunny boxes & put a link on her blog to yours. They are so cute! Thanks for sharing. I hope you and your family enjoy a good easter, with all that’s going on. Cheers Donna Zammit

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