Just a little break….I promise!

Hey everyone!

After everything that has happened this past fortnight I just hadn’t found time to participate in this weeks challenge. I will try and have a play during the week, but I will definitely be back by next week to participate in the next challenge.

I also have to tell all my fellow demos that I won’t be making it to the Melbourne SU convention this year……I know….so sad!  But I have a good excuse. I was going to have a huge garage sale these coming months to pay for my trip, but I have decided to donate all of it to the flood victims here in Grantham. I have beds and cupboards and all sorts of nic-nacs and baby clothes and toys…..you know all that housey stuff! LOL! We refurnished some of house last year and have had the replaced goods sitting in the shed. We were going to have the garage sale in November last year but held off. See it was meant to be! I of course feel very comfortable with my decision and I just want to say I will miss attending this awesome event and I want you all to update me with all sorts of information if you are going…okay….promise?! LOL!

Thanks for dropping by!


12 thoughts on “Just a little break….I promise!

  1. What a champ you are! I too will be missing this years conference (the first one I have not been too) but not for the same noble excuse as you though…….I will run a retreat instead for my customers…….I guess we are both giving back something!!


  2. Glad you and your family are safe. Thoughts and prayers are with you and may your garage sale be truly blessed as it well deserves to be, I cannot think of a better reason not to go to convention. Good luck with everything.


  3. Hi Kirsty, it is so wonderful to hear from you and know that you and your family are safe.
    And that is such a wonderful thing you are doing….I have been watching the tv and seeing everyone rally around to help others, it is wonderful how everyone has gotten together. Your generosity will be such a blessing to someone, a truly beautiful thing to do.
    Will be thinking of you in the weeks ahead.
    Love Lee-Anne


  4. Kirsty!!.. I’m SO glad to hear that you and your family are all safe and well. You will definately be missed at Convention this year. THis is such a beautiful thing you are doing.. I’ve go SO much stuff here.. blankets, etc that I’ve been meaning to get rid of.. so I’m hoping when there is road access or a call for more things I can help out too.

    Stay safe

    xx SJ


  5. What a worrying time you have had Kirsty! So relieved that you & your family are okay. The images we have seen have almost been beyond comprehension – so much water & so much devastation…. Thank you for sharing your account of how it has affected you & your community.
    Awesome decision of giving up your trip. It is a beautiful gesture & will, without doubt, be hugely appreciated.


  6. What a lovely thing you are doing for the flood victims, we will miss at SU Convention but there is always next year. Glad you will be getting back into the swing of things, love all your brilliant card ideas. xo


  7. I think you already know I reckon you’re pretty cool; this is an awesome gesture on your part, Kirsty. Can I be a bit selfish, though, and say that I’ll miss seeing you at Convention?? Good on you, chick. You know everyone will keep you informed of what goes on down here in May.


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