Feeling a little Grungy!!

Hey everyone!

I had a fabulous day today! I created a couple of cards, I had awesome company {waving at Andrea} and I took some very cute photos of my son, Darcy and his cute little girlfriend Ava.

The card I am showing you today had been sitting on my desk for about a month……not the whole thing of course or I would have blogged it. Have you ever started a card and thought….Hmmmmm it needs something….but OMG!!! I don’t have it. So you buy it just to finish it? Well in this case I needed the Smooch Spritz in silver foil colour and I am so glad I waited. LOL!

I really like this one!! A LOT! There is a lot going on more than you probably realise. The base piece is Naturals Ivory. I clear embossed the diamond pattern stamp from the Grunge Rock set, scrunched up the CS, then smooch spritzed it then ‘tapped’ the real red ink pad over the top. Pretty nice huh?

I ruffled the Black ribbon and stapled it into place. I love this effect and think it suits the style well.

Okay…..now I have to show you a couple of these photos I took today. But first a little BG. We first met the Francis family when Darcy and Ava were a few months old. Ava’s sister, Sahmara, is best friends with my youngest girl Akayla and Ava’s Mum, Andrea, is my good friend and scrapping buddy.

We have always joked about Ava and Darcy being an item…….but not this early!! LOL!

They were super funny. Ava was playing with some lipstick and dolled herself up just a little bit. Darcy also wanted it on so Ava obliged. Ava did inform us though that Darcy’s lippy was a bit messy and hers was just perfect..LOL! We of course had to take some piccy’s…..and look what happened next……

We didn’t want that lipstick to go to waste now did we?! Oh how CUTE!!!

Well that’s all from me today…..I fell like making another card!

Thanks for dropping by!


2 thoughts on “Feeling a little Grungy!!

  1. Wowsers! That card sure is different from your normal style but I am soooooooooooo lovin that ruffled ribbon!! How come mine don’t look at cool as that? lol

    I am sitting her crackin up laughin at that photo of Darcy pulling a weird face. I can see so much of you in him – its a gorgeous photo!



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