Aren’t they just the cutest??!

Hey everyone!

I have nothing crafty to show you right now but I just wanted to share with you all the new additions to our family. They are not puppies or kittens or even guinea pigs, these ones produce eggs! Yep that’s right we have chickens. They are the cutest things and the kids love them. The kids have all chosen their favourites and named them. We have a Pecker (a little of his top beak is missing), a Fluffins (there had to be one…LOL!), a Tucker (short for Kentucky), a Red (short for…you guessed it Red Rooster plus she is a very rich red colour), and last but not least Twisty ( this ones beak is a little twisted and she is also quite orange like Twisties).

Here are some pics-

We have had them for about two weeks now and Red is already laying. Three eggs from her so far. What a good girl! LOL!

Oh well that’s it!!!! I just wanted to show you these cute little guys! My job is done!

Thanks for dropping by!


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