Boys can be Fairies too!

Hello everyone!

I am having lots of fun scrapping lately, and I have heaps more to share. I completed a double LO yesterday and I absolutely love it. I cannot wait to share, but I want to find the perfect place to take a photo of them. As you will see in the next photo I am getting quite a glare in the spot I am currently using. Which is unfortunate as it is the best place for light. So please forgive me for the crappy photos…LOL!

I attempted a new technique with this LO. I have seen some beautiful things made with melted crayon on Pinterest I thought I would have a go! I have however discovered you have to use a certain type of crayon. Different brands obviously have different amounts of oil in them. As you can see in this photo the first blue from left and the yellow didn’t leave an oily residue around the melted crayon where the rest did. Funnily I am not sure what brands they are as I used my kids crayons and a lot of them have their wrappers missing! LOL! I will play some more and let you know!

Thanks for dropping by!


5 thoughts on “Boys can be Fairies too!

  1. Sweet, sweet pictures! Of course boys can be fairs!!! Love your crayon touch…experimenting can be fun….good luck and hope you share which crayons work best!


  2. What a beautiful layout, Kirsty!! Such adorable photos (love those rainbow fairy wings), that take me back to when my youngest boy used to LOVE dressing up, and usually in skirts and fairy wings … just gorgeous. I like the different effects created by the different crayons; I actually thought you’d purposely accented the ones with the outlines. Very cool technique, and perfect for this page.


  3. Love this! And very very interesting about the oil in the crayons – I was about to embark on my very first melted-crayon project but now will be very wary about the brand I use and will of course TEST TEST TEST first! lol – thanks!!!! BTW I’m going to be stalking your blog for some market ideas – hope that’s ok!?


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