Merry & Bright!

Hey everyone! Guess what?? I got a new stamp set…….like I need it right?!….lol! I just couldn’t resist though. I have wanted it since it came out in the new catty! It is Holiday Lineup. Those characters are so cute and funny. Here’s what I came up with-


Just a quick simple card…..well actually it wasn’t so quick….LOL! The water colouring took the longest but it was fun to do! I think I’m getting the hang of it now. I’m still no Gainsborough though….LOL!!

Anyhoo! I wouldn’t mind having a nap this arvy I had quite a late night last night and I’m starting to feel the strain.

Thanks for dropping by!


12 thoughts on “Merry & Bright!

  1. I just LOVE your cards AND your pages you were doing. I love the blend of colors and the sets you have and showcase. I seem to spend waaaay more then I should after visiting your blog…LOL…now if I would only do the cards you make after buying all the stuff to do them…lol…I am happy to say this week you used two sets I happen to own, can you keep doing that my hubby will love you for it….hee hee hee. Just kidding!

    I thought I would stop in and tell you how awesome I think your blog is and if I wasn’t a demonstrator I would be making you a rich women. Keep up the amazing projects and who knows maybe one day I will actually case them. What am I talkin about I hoard things I don’t actually use them…LOL

    Love your blog


  2. Hey Chicki – I recently got this stamp set too cause I absolutely LOVE it! Those funny little characters really make me smile! I have to confess though…………….it hasnt seen ink yet! lol

    Hope you got to have that nice nap………….I needed one too yesterday cause I was a promotional girl (not the type in the bikini! lol) for the grand opening of my cousins and her hubbys business! Who knew that standing out in the sun and handing out balloons could be so darn tiring! lol



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