So Blue!

Hey everyone! I had so much planned for the weekend just finished. Mainly housework and maybe some crafting slotted in when no one was looking….LOL! We got heaps done on Saturday. The mowing, a dump run, caught up on the washing, stripped beds and remade them….you know all that yucky stuff! Sunday I didn’t have a lot to do, so I was going to get it over and done with and then get stuck into the crafting. Unfortunately first thing in the morning I hurt my back. I was not doing anything strenuous, I just bent the wrong way and “TWEAK”. It has happened a few times to me, sometimes in the most inconvenient place like the middle of a shopping center. That’s another story! So in short, I’m in a little bit of pain and I hope it goes very soon. I hate being incapacitated!! ARGH! Nothing worse.

I thought I would however show you a full pic of the card I submitted to the Elite Challenge the other day. I’m sure you all need some eye candy right?!


Well I think I might go take some more Panadeine and see what happens!

Thanks for dropping by!

7 thoughts on “So Blue!

  1. Ouch Kirsty!! Sounds very painful. That’s probably the only medical condition that I haven’t experienced, and don’t want to either. Love your card — layout is beautiful. Hope you feel better soon! Sandi

  2. hope you’re recovering from your pain. your card is absolutely gorgeous ….. what did you use to make the green mat behind the oval? I have seen it used on a few cards on a number of SU blogs but can’t seem to find it anywhere in the catalogue.
    Anyhoo thanks for sharing your talent.
    Manola xo

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