Yummy Jewelry

Hey everyone! AH HA! You never thought I would be posting again today did you?? LOL! But I do concede! There must be something wrong with me! {checking forehead for any signs of heat} Posting twice in one day??!! As you guys can see I’m lucky to do it once a week. But I was doing a little blog surfing this morning and came across Stacey Schafer’s blog and her Jewelry Colour Inspiration. I have seen these before but have never participated. I know, I know I’m slack! So here it is Jewelry Colour Inspiration #44-



I love the rustic and warm feel these colours omit! Do you feel it? Ooohhh I just love a challenge! Here is my submission-


I hope it tickles your fancy…..I like this one a lot…..probably because I have used colours I don’t use a lot of, excluding the vanilla of course!

Well I’m still feeling creative so I might head back to my desk and see what I can come up with.

Thanks for dropping by!


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