Time for some Pizzazz!

Hi all!

I have been trying so hard to organise my time a little better to get more crafting achieved but I seem to be struggling! This weekend however my hubby offered to look after 7 children, that’s right seven, for the day so my good friend and downline Tina could have some stamping time. Mind you Tina had 6 children spend the night with her last night and I had one! LOL! So it seems I did not see a lot of my kids this weekend. I am sure this week will more than make up for that one! Here is one of the creations I made-

Again I mixed up a few SS to create this masterpiece (scoff…scoff). I love doing that. I tell you though, it took me some time to get to the final product. I just couldn’t get my act together! Afterwards I managed to get my workshop cards done, which I will show you tomorrow and I also organised my shoe box swap for later this week. I have one more major creation to finish for this week and I am done.

Thanks for dropping by!


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