Hey everyone! As you can tell by my title I’m in love……….BUT not with another man…..they are just tooooo much trouble. I’m in love with Chocolate, but NO that’s not it, this is a NEW love! What I am in love with is this ultra cute and gorgeous, and I have finally done one, Carousel Notes Album! Have you seen one?? If not Sharlene Meyer has one on her blog and the tutorial to making one of these puppies can be found on Janine Tinklenberg’s blog.

Remember the photos you saw a couple of days ago of my charming daughter! Well I used them! Have a little Bo peep-








Some of the photos are a little crappy but I was in a hurry! I was quickly running out of daylight. So please ignore! I promise to better next time!

So what do you think? Do you think you could fall in love with one of these Carousel Notes Album? The Rose set again seemed perfect for this project. Are you over seeing this stamp set from me yet? You would be very surprised at how many stamp sets I own. I should use the other ones more I think…lol! Just to prove I own them!

Well again thanks for dropping by!


18 thoughts on “I’m in LUUURRVE!

  1. Kirsty — you did it again!! Simply awesome job on putting this together. I did this last year for a Xmas presentation and totally loved it — didn’t want to give it to anybody, but ended up sending it as a Xmas gift to my sister. Your images of your daughter really is the icing on the cake for this project. Way to go girl!!


  2. Fabulous job on this one. I had a class making these albums last year and everyone went gaga over them. And if you haven’t subbed to JanTinks blog ye,t I highly suggest it, she is super talented and hillarious!


  3. Fabulous job. Aren’t these fun to make? I have got to say, I think your two step stampin’ is the best I’ve ever seen on this rose set! I love my stamp-a-ma-jig for that very reason. So sad that the Bella Rose DSP retired, it was one of my favorites (but I stocked up!).


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