Another CAS…..just couldn’t help myself!!

Hey everyone!

I had a couple of days off from crafting, and in those two days I had so many ideas going through my mind…..don’t you hate that?! You have a couple of days off and you have lots of ideas and when you have time or want to create there’s nothing, zip, zilch, nada going through your creative banks!! That’s why keeping a craft journal/notebook is a good idea. When you see something or have an idea in places you would never expect you can jot/draw it down while it’s fresh in your mind and use it when you can sit down to create.

But onto what I have created…..You know how I have created something for the Clean And Simple challenge blog…..well I made some more!

Pretty cute HUH?! well I have sort of decided just recently that I would create two of the same cards at once, and when it comes to doing a girl card I would do the same card in boy colours… here is number two

I like them both very much and cannot choose between the two. Which one is your favourite?

Thanks for dropping by!