My Crafting Space!

Hello everyone,

This post has been  a long time coming. So long in fact that the photos shown in this post were taken April 2013.

When we moved here to Southbrook, I was excited to see that there was a room I could use just for me and my crafting.

We went to Ikea and bought some furniture for my new craft space. Take a look at the results-

Computer Desk

My computer desk. I love it, especially that gorgeous computer. I now also have a gorgeous white Canon printer on there too.

Work Desk

My new work station. I absolutely love this thing. It was in the Island Kitchen Bench section at Ikea. What I love about it is I sometimes like to stand and create and this thing has a very good size bench top to have all my goodies spread round. I’m a very messy crafter. You should see it now! LOL

Work Desk

Look at those big drawers. The top two have trays that are what you would call utensil dividers and they can be removed if need be. They are great for pens or tools.

Inside Drawers

It still needs some tweaking though. But I just love them and the handiness of it all.

Work Desk


I love these cubes. I must say these days it looks very different. After playing in the room for a while you start  to realise where you want things and how you want them set out. I also no longer have that particular ink pad holder I have bought a new one from Colcraft on Facebook. This is it

Ink Pad Holder

She’s a beauty. I am however thinking I need a different one. I will let you know how I go with that. I need more ribbon and punch room.

Workshop room

Last but not least I needed a workshop table set up and this is it. I even have a kitchen (2nd kitchen in this house) right at my disposal behind this set up. Very handy for clean ups and of course morning tea or supper set ups.

I am very spoilt, I have gone from the kitchen table and having to pack up after every craft session in Gatton to having lots of room, storage and peace and quiet. I love it!

Thanks for dropping by!

Kirsty xx


6 thoughts on “My Crafting Space!

  1. This looks fantastic. I need to spend some serious time configuring mine. Thought you might like to know that Spotlight has a nice ribbon holder, with about three or four rows for ribbon. If not in their craft section then check haberdashery if you’re interested. Keep enjoying your space.


  2. Oh wow!! would be so nice to have a space like that!!
    I have only just taken a space for myself due to scattering items all over the house (1 child had to loose own room)
    and been a challenge to fit it all in!
    IKEA would be handy – shame our’s is a 4-5hr round trip 😦
    I hope your still enjoying your space all to yourself!!


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