Christmas in the Country Craft Show 2012!

Hello everyone!

Long time, no post! It has been a crazy few months here in the Brown household. I must confess at this point, about 2 months ago I was seriously considering stepping down as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator (that’s how crazy it got). A lot of factors were in play as to the reason for ceasing my role. The worst I think was when I had a very bad party/workshop experience. I had never met such a rude bunch of ladies. So bad in fact I drove away from the event crying vowing never to do another party and to date I have kept that promise. I also lost inspiration for new fun and creative ideas to do at my regular workshops/classes. Basically I felt I had done all I could do with my Stampin’ career. I also didn’t know whether I would be taking part in the BIG annual Christmas in the Country craft show I always attend.

I think though the fact that we had a lot of changes at home in regards to David starting a new career, which resulted in him being away for a week at a time, and my youngest starting school, which resulted in me taking on a lot more volunteer work at the school with tuckshop, uniform shop and in class work., has also been a factor in my near demise of being “Kirsty Brown Independent Stampin’ Up! Dempnstrator”.It was so bad in fact that until last week I hadn’t ordered anything out of the brand new Stampin’ UP! catalogues, which released in September. Hopefully my new goodies will be here early this week and I can have a good play with some fun new stamps.

Well as you can tell by the title of this post I did go ahead with the Craft Show and I have lots of pics to share of the event (something like 16 of them). I had a very similar display to last year but with loads of new projects. Take a look

So that’s it! If you are a liker of my FB page you would have already seen these over the past few days, as this event started Thursday night and finished Saturday afternoon. I am so glad I decided to do this event as I met a whole new bunch of ladies who would like to attend my workshops/classes and would love to learn how to create all the things they had seen at my stall. Not to mention the fabulous sales I had. This event is actually the main fundraiser for Peace Lutheran Primary School to which my children attend so it is quite special to me and I hope my stall has done them proud and made lots of money for them too. To all those people close to Gatton, you really should come check it out next year, it is absolutely fabulous with the best the valley has on offer. I always find fabulous Christmas gifts here every year, and everything is handmade. So I will see you next year!

Thanks for dropping by!

41 thoughts on “Christmas in the Country Craft Show 2012!

  1. Kirsty I am sooooo glad to see you posting again. I live in the UK and have followed your blog for a long time and I MISSED YOU. I know about bad parties and nasty people but don’t let them spoil and take away what you love doing, that means they win and you lose. Take care and please keep doing what you do so very well. kindest wishes Sharon xx

  2. I agree with Kim – I am so glad that you have decided to continue! I love your work and enjoy your emails as well. Your stall photos are amazing! You have such great ideas and I hope you can share more of them with all of us. Good luck!

  3. i didn’t see this post ’til i’d already commented on your FB page. so, so happy that you’ve had a change of heart about dropping as a demo. you are so super talented, and such a lovely person, it would be such a loss to lose as a fellow demo sista. keep your chin up and don’t let those nasties get you down. x

  4. OMGosh… were one busy lady! I am in AW of your work. I will look through this blog page for months for the great ideas. Your customers are so lucky to have such a talented demo!
    All the way from across the BIG pond I follow your blog….
    Your sister Stampin’ Up! demo from ….Elmhurst, IL USA

  5. Kristy, I know the dissapointment of party woes. There were some that just don’t care about stamping and paper crafts, they only come because their friend ask them to. They disrupt everything! Ugh! Our area so many are out of work, so I have a difficult time getting orders, and customers. Hard to make my miniums just to stay a demo! We just keep trying, don’t loose faith, the love of crafting will see us through. God bless you and good luck! I love all your craft show items! They are fantastic!

  6. Kirsty,
    I’m so sorry you were treated that way, shame on them. But, I’m so glad you decided to go ahead with your show and to place and order because you are far to talented and you have far too many of us out here waiting for your next creation!!
    big hugs,

  7. This is the most beautiful craft fair display I have EVER seen. It’s adorable! You are surely a very talented artist! Thanks for sharing.
    tonya dieterlen, su demo in Indianapolis, IN

  8. I am so glad that you didn’t let a few “ladies” that sound socially inept ruin a good thing for us all. You really are amazing, super creative and an asset to Stampin Up and, to your fans. Good luck, and may the creative force be with you.

  9. Kirsty! I can’t believe you did all this? Wowzers, gf, you are tops! Thank God you found true friends at the show! You WILL do much better now…I just know it!
    Just forget those rude people…there’s a place for them somewhere else…just sayin’.
    Sharon ;D

  10. Your creations are fabulous, Kirsty! The animal critters stole my heart :) Glad you had a successful event and glad you met some lovely ladies at the fair to come to workshops :) Don’t let some “bad fish” spoil things as there are loads of nice people out there.

  11. I am also glad you decided to continue as an demonstrator. You are a very creative person and I’ve followed you for quite awhile. I love your cards and projects and it would be such a loss to all of us if you quit. I love your stall at the craft show! So many pretty things. I’d like to make the canvas 3D art you made with the variety of Designer Series Papers. Would you please tell us what you used and how you made the artwork pieces? I would love to make it for my craft room! Thanks, and don’t let a few rude people get you down!

  12. It was lovely to hear you finish your post on such a happy note Kirsty. Your craft stall is absolutely awe inspiring and it was wonderful to see the pictures from this year. Enjoy that new SU box headed your way!! Kim xxx

  13. Kirsty, I have been checking your blog for ages, but thought you must have been busy making things for the Craft Show…. So sad that you had a bad experience. Don’t give up! It can be hard sometimes to keep going when it seems all is against you. You are one strong lady. Anyway, I didn’t get to Gatton this year (first time in ages), but I hopped on to see your blog hoping that you had photos. You didn’t let me down! Thanks and keep smiling. Vanessa

  14. Noooooooo is what I said when I read the first paragraph. You are such an inspiration and I love that you do this for your kids school (I have been known to do this and I know what a big effort this is…). I am glad that stampin’ world is shining some light on this talent and your new ladies will love you and benefit from your wonderful craftsmanship….you rock!!

  15. Kristy, I hope all of the comments have made you realize how much we love your work and the inspiration you provide to all of us!! Don’t ever think such thoughts of leaving SU again as we would miss you soo much!! I hope you don’t experience such ladies again, but remember your SU demo sisters are always here to listen and support you. xx

  16. Kirsty, I sat beside you at Madonna’s a couple of months back. I could see you were pretty cheesed off, and your lack of recent posts meant you’d either packed it in, or (fingers crossed) that you were busy creating for the show. I’m glad to hear you’ve got some new contacts, and your items are beautiful. You have clearly put a huge effort into them. Congrats on it all!

  17. Like many others I pop in to check what wonderful work you have been creating, so I am so glad that you are continuing – you are so talented. Unfortunately, there are rude and obnoxious people about, and it is really disappointing that these untalented women ‘got’ to you just at the wrong time. Please be encouraged that your work is so inspiring to many others and good luck with all the new contacts!

  18. Kirsty, you have been missed on your blog! And I can definitely relate to rude ladies at a workshop! I’m so glad you went ahead with the craft show, as you have such talent!!! Hope all works out for the best for you & your family, but I pray you keep posting on your blog!!!

  19. Glad that you have decided to stay as a demonstrator and like others, I’m sorry you had to deal with such rude ladies…. You must work at least a year on all of the items you have in your boutique space…fabulous and hope it was good for you!!!!

  20. Kirsty I too have missed you! I check your blog most days and am so excited you are back!!! Some people are just awful but I’m glad you are holding your head high, you deserve to.
    Love your craft stall and I’m looking forward to your posts.

    Kate :)

  21. OMG, thank heavens you are still a demo. I loved watching you at the Melbourne convention and I have been wondering what had happen with your blog. Glad to have you back, love, love, love your work. So happy you have found some nice new ladies….goodbye to the meanies. Welcome back Kirsty :):):)

  22. Kirsty so pleased you didn’t hang up your hat as then I would not have had the pleasure of sitting in on your presentation today at the Heartfelt Event. I love your sense of humour and your projects are something I will be making. Thanks for being part of a great day.

  23. Your pictures of your Craft display are FANTASTIC! Wow…I hope you were very successful; very eye-catching & should have surely brought lots & lots of people to your booth area! I hope things are looking up for you & that you can forget the past experience. Those rude ladies lost out big-time!!! I look forward to following your blog & plan to see if you also post on Stampin’ Connection! Thanks for sharing your awesome talent, Kirsty! Gayle, a Demo in Michigan USA

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