A Year in Review- My Favourites!!

Hey everyone!!

What a year 2011 was huh? There was lots of ups and downs in the Brown household that’s for sure. The Floods, of course, which affected so many people and even took the lives of many loved ones. So very heartbreaking, the stories I heard from neighbouring town Grantham and most are still struggling to move forward and rebuild their lives. It’s like driving through a Ghost town still, and every time I do drive through all the memories come back and makes me want to cry. Some people have moved away and will never return. Some are still living with friends and family. The rest are rebuilding on their new block of land thanks to the land swap project.

Not many people know, until now that is, but not long after the floods hit we started having a lot of trouble with a neighbour. So much so that our lives were threatened by burning our house down at night while we all slept. This man was a loose cannon and very well-known with the local authorities. It got so bad David and I took turns at staying up for the night to keep an eye out. It was nothing for this man to walk onto our property and do what he wanted. I became housebound every day and started having panic attacks. Scared witless that this person would come good on all his threats including killing our pets and stealing property. I had lots of help from David and other family members to keep things going, though. I also went to the doctor for my panic attacks and was prescribed some medication to help deal with them. We dealt with man from January til end of March. During this time he was arrested several times, but of course, was out the next day. wreaking more havoc. Finally in March after another arrest he was kept in jail for a few months. I could finally let the kids play in the backyard without me standing guard. He has since gone down south, hopefully never to be seen again. You know all this started when David politely asked him not to burn polystyrene boxes and plastic meat trays in his incinerator. The wind that time of year always comes through our house from the East. We put up with it three times before David said something. I was sick every time he lit them. The next day I would have migraines. So very unpleasant I assure you!

Well by reading this you would think 2011 is something the Brown family would rather forget! LOL! But I must assure you that there were some very good times, and they always outweigh the bad!

I was able to present onstage at the Stampin Up! convention. OMG!! that was extremely fun and nerve-wracking at the same time LOL! I caught up with lots of friends and I made lots of new friends plus I must mention the wonderful lot of ladies that helped me get there. I will never forget you. A BIG thankyou to my very good friend Michelle Cox (whom I have known since high school) for organising it all. It was wonderful. This is why I LOVE STAMPIN’ UP! It has connected me with some of the most amazing, generous and talented people I will ever know.

My best friend Sandy finally married her man Kevin. It was just beautiful and our daughter Akayla was her flower girl. It was such a lovely day and Akayla loved playing the little princess of the event.

We also had another addition to the family……no I didn’t have another one, even though some say I will LOL! My sister Tamara Has made me an Aunty for the first time with the birth of Tre. Born 12/12/11 weighing 7lb 11oz and 52cm long. I was there with her during the birth and it something I will never forget. It was so emotional and so very exciting. Here’s a little pic

So much hair! LOL! I have to watch my hubby though……when we go to see him (Tamara and bub are down for a couple of weeks and are staying at Mum and Dads) David has this look on his face that screams “KLUCKY” LOL! and everyone thinks I want one!! HA!

But enough of all that. The reason for this post I wanted to share with you my favourite cards/projects for the year. I will try to pick one a month, but you never know there could be two!!














So there we have it. My faves for 2011. Could you tell I had a little owl fetish in August?! LOL!

Well I best get started on inspiring you all for another year!!

Thanks for dropping by!


14 thoughts on “A Year in Review- My Favourites!!

  1. Wow Kristy – you have had an eventful year but good always outweights the bad. Your favourites are all awsome. Loved them all. I love going to my Stampin Up classes as it is a great girly day out with lovely crafty friends.
    I look forward to seeing more beautiful cards in 2012. Thank you for you inspiration. Ina


  2. Sooooo glad to hear your neighbour has left!! Yeah!! A wonderful array of cards too 🙂 Love the first one and if I remember right you won at least one challenge with it. Wishing you a fabulous 2012 and may it be a year full of blessings for your and your family 🙂


  3. i stumbled onto your blog by accident, and i am inspired by you and the gorgeous cards you have made. i have recently joined stampin up and am loving the products. Keep the amazing cards coming,and have a wonderful 2012. 🙂


  4. Kirsty, I’m such a big fan of your blog and your beautiful work……that final “Happy Birthday” card would have to be one of my favourites from 2011!!! You are so very talented and inspirational. I don’t think I’ve met a single person (myself included) who would put 2011 in their ‘favourites’ list, but it is good to know that you had some lovely blessings to outweigh the traumas. Happy New Year and I hope to see you on stage at Convention in Canberra! 🙂


  5. Hi Kirsty, I was lucky enough halfway thru the year to be sent one of your beautiful cards as a prize from you. My first ever! I love your cards, and funnily enough when you posted your fav cards…they were mine too. I know 2012 will be a much better year for you. Keep up the great work. Paula


  6. Wow…what horrid things you had to endure during the first part of the year – so glad for you all that this monster is gone! Happy days are ahead of you – and congratulations on becoming an aunt for the first time…I’ve been a great aunt for quite a few years now and it’s even more fun – but you’ll see eventually! Your card choices are lovely and I was glad to see them as I was not getting your blog updates at the beginning of the year. Happy New Year to you and your family – with nothing but the best of things for all of you!


  7. OMG what a year, glad he has disappeared and I pray he is not giving anyone else grief. I love your blog, was so impressed with your presentation at convention. My favourite from all of yours would have to be the reindeer box…..it is so so cute, owls are a close second :). Wishing you a safe and Happy 2012


  8. Love your trip down memory lane (well, the card part ..) – I get to ooh and aah over your gorgeous creations, all over again. My friend, this year can only be better for you and your much-loved family. Yes, you did have some bright spots in 2011, but you sure did face some mighty challenges. I hope that this year is as stress-free as possible for you. I look forward to all the creations and laughs you have to share!!


  9. What a wonderful review of projects! An amazing assortment of styles, color, and techniques. You have a real talent and I appreciate your sharing with us! Thanks for a great “year in review.”


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