Inkspiration Chellenge # 97

Hey everyone!

It’s Inkspiration time! This week it is a sketch.

I played with Field Flowers. I hadn’t pulled it out since the last field flowers card I made back in September, not even to experiment. So I thought it was time to pull it out again. I also pulled out my Wonder Crayons and had a play. Of course some made their way to the bin because I wasn’t happy with them but even my favourite one ended in the bin because it suffered an irreversible or hideable markings. It was one step away from being finished too!  I was devastated! LOL

Anyway here’s the fourth attempt!

I stamped the bolder image with the crayons and then the outline image in ink. I love this effect and might play with it some more. Maybe with the Hello Friend set. I think that would fabulous.

Don’t forget to check out the Inkspirations Challenge Blog to submit your creation and have a bo peep at the rest of the DT’s gorgeousness.

Thanks for dropping by!


11 thoughts on “Inkspiration Chellenge # 97

  1. This is just so lovely Kirsty. Gorgeous colour combination and beautiful flowers. I love the technique you used, it really makes those flowers pop. Had to giggle when you said it was your fourth attempt….I so understand and am glad to know I’m not the only one who ends up with almost whole cards in the bin.
    Enjoy your weekend. Xx


  2. Kirsty, I haven’t been blog surfing in awhile and this morning my house is quiet and I thought I would look at some of my favorite stampers and you are among them. I am so glad I came to your blog, you have always done some of my favorite cards and pages. You always inspire me to get stamping with all your beautiful artwork. I was looking at your adorable table set up and saw the ABC’s framed art. Where did that ABC background come from? I just had a grandson in Sept(our 1st grandbaby) and would love to make this for his room. my e-mail is if you have time can you let me know. I LOVED that one and the other one that I can put his photo in. As always you had amazing stamp projects. Keep up the good work and I’ll be back more. Have a happy holiday season.

    One last thing, you said the post-it note key ring sold really good for you, what does one look like? I ask because I am going to do a scrapbooking yardsale with handmade items and would love to know if it’s something I can make too. Times have been hard for our family this year and I have 7 kids to shop for and no income coming in. I would like to make things that might sell and do some Christmas shopping with what I make at the sale. Thank you for any advice you can give me.



  3. WOW…what a fabulous card….I can so relate to your frustration about having a card nearly done and messing it up! Well, this one took my breath away and it could be used for any event – even Christmas! Thank you for sharing and providing such wonderful inspiration!


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