Are you owled out yet??

Hey everyone!

Today I received my preorder…OMG!!! I am super excited about it. I have ideas that I want to put into use straight away but I don’t think that will be possible because there are too many floating around my head. Oh well! One at a time should do it.

I haven’t had a play yet though because as soon as my boxes arrived I had to hop off to Toowoomba with my friend Sandy for her Wedding Dress fitting. I am so excited for her, and oh my she looked gorgeous!!! But it’s all hush-hush, so I have no pics for you. My daughter Akayla will be her flower girl and she is super excited about that. She loves dressing up as a princess. So be ready to be bombarded with gorgeous pics of my girl late September.

While out we also went to Officeworks to bind my new Stampin’ Up! Catalogue. It is divine ladies….wait til you see it. A bit off subject but while there I picked up a real bargain. They had a huge lolly like dispenser but instead full of different clips, mini fluro pens, animal rubber bands and so forth. You could fill up a plastic container for $4.99 It was great! They had these super cute magnet clips and I got two containers full. LOL! I will have a play with them and show you the results, but I see them as something really useful, not to mention cute!

Okay so I have something to show you all! I told you I have been playing with the owl punch, so here are the results

Aren’t they adorable? As you can see I made some pirates, cowboys/farmer, pigs, sheep, cows and just some pretty girl owls! LOL!

Here’s a close up of my favourite one. The pirate peg leg captain.

These are all packaged up ready for the Craft show I am attending in Gatton in November. I have so much I want to do, I hope I get it all done.

So I best get off of here and do some more.

Thanks for dropping by!


18 thoughts on “Are you owled out yet??

  1. OMG!!! I love these!! I think my favorite one is the cow!! I about spit out my drink when I saw that one on my computer screen!!! Love it and will be featuring that package on My Crafty Picks #30 with a link back to your blog on 8-21-11. Make sure to stop by on Sunday to pick up your blog badge for being featured too!!

    If you wish to decline please email me at

    Take care
    Tiffany Bauer


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