Family Fun!

Hey everyone!

This is quite a long post and involves no crafting. Sorry about that. I have some fun family pics to share with friends and family and they go as far back as Easter and include three birthdays! LOL! well overdue don’t you think? But I do understand if the crafty girls don’t stick round!

Every year we have the traditional Easter Egg Hunt. This would have to be my favourite part of the day. The look of joy and rapture on my children’s faces when they find a secretly hidden egg is simply priceless. It ends with the four of them laying the chocolatey prizes on the kitchen table and splitting the stash equally between them. So sweet! It does look like, however, Darcy may have had one on the go! LOL!

These pics are of Darcy and his newly acquired speed machine. Our neighbours kindly offer their obstruction free backyard for Darcy to go wild in. The first shot is when Darcy realised I was taking piccys and when I do this without asking he gets that little smirk happening {SO CUTE!}, The next pic is Quite funny…..Darcy looks strictly business! LOL! I think I would quickly jump out of the way!

Wouldn’t want to get on his bad side! LOL!

The next lot of photos are of my oldest child, Sean. This was on his 13th Birthday, so I officially have a teenager in the house! LOL! Sean is such a sweet kid, and has a very pleasant nature, and is always trying to please everyone. Is always super helpful to me and sometimes I don’t know what I would do without him! Love you Sean!

Ummm….what’s next……

Ohhh Yes! Exactly two weeks after Sean’s Birthday, Darcy has his. As you can see he is a huge Thomas fan!

Such a funny little man. In this next shot he asked me take some piccys of his brand new model car he received from Dad and I for his birthday. He asked to take it from different angles and positions and in this one he was peaking through the side windows to ensure I was doing it right!! LOL!

For those who haven’t met Darcy, he is a boy of many faces and personalities! Some days he will ask me to take photos of him and he will pull a multitude of different faces and poses until he has had enough and then other days he will run and hide from the camera! The next shot is of Darcy in one of his posing moods!

A very funny boy!

But I think I figured out where he gets it from…….

HIS FATHER!!! My hubby, David, is a mechanic by trade and loves to tinker and play with things. He was the one to motorise the above go-kart that Darcy rides. That go-kart started its life as a simple pedal car. But hubby likes to sup things up….so if something looks like a motor can be put on it, it will get one! You can imagine the things I have had to hide from this man, can’t you??? Especially the kitchen goods.

On this particular day hubby did a “dump run”. You know dumps are the place where you dispose of things. Well my hubby brings stuff home! LOL! I will say though he can get some real bargains. Above is one of those acquirements. The old racer came in handy replacing Sean’s brakes on his bike. So he stripped this old thing for the goods. When he finished though he decided to put the small wheel on the front of the racer and have a ride. It was very funny!

Even Jemma had a go, much to the amusement of Darcy and Akayla.

The last lot of photos are from today. Today my oldest daughter, Jemma, turned 10. Double digits!! I cannot believe it! My family is growing up so fast. The funny thing is you don’t realise how fast time goes until you start having children. Have you noticed that?

Just have to warn you that the following image may contain the exposure of nostrils and eyeballs. This is Jemma’s ‘go to’ pose on special occasions! This girl is super funny and always makes me laugh. LOL!

But on a more serious note, she was super excited I organised a horse cake for her birthday. Isn’t it beautiful….I suppose the girl in the shot is too! LOL!

Jemma has been pleading with me for ages to buy her some of the figurines from the Painted Ponies collections. They are simply stunning and gorgeous hand painted and crafted horses. Check out the site Trail of Painted Ponies to see what I am talking about. There is something for everyone and I think I have started something that could quite easy get out of control. Jem has already chosen the one she wants for Christmas! LOL! For her birthday we got the Cowgirl Cadillac horse. She would love to get the Happy Trails horse next but I have found that it is retired and will hope to find one on ebay or something.

I love this last shot! It reminds me when I was this age and birthdays and making wishes were very important…..more important than cake, but alas you needed cake to make that wish! LOL! It also reminds me of childhood innocence, so sweet and serene…love it! Not to mention it looks like Jem has a sibling also hoping her wish comes true! LOL!

Straight after, though, Dad had to keep asking her if her wish has come true yet!

Dad- “Has your wish come true yet?”

Jemma- “No not yet”

Dad- “What about now?”

Jemma- “No”

Dad- “Now?”

Jemma- “DAD!! Stop it!”

Poor girl! Dad is such a tease!

Well that’s all I have to share with you. I promise to keep more up to date with these things and of course my next post will be all about craft for all those crafty girls!

Thanks for dropping by!