A Holiday Lineup with a birthday attached!

Hey everyone!

I will start with saying a big hello and thank you to one of my downline Jodie!! 😉 Jodie came to visit me yesterday to chat and stamp. Not a lot of stamping got done though…..I managed to make one card while Jodie stamped and punched a whole heap of goodies for Christmas. BTW I want to see what you are creating with those Jodie!! LOL!

Jodie sat there watching me botch my card up over and over and left before she could see the end result. I just couldn’t make up my mind. But I think she will be pleasantly surprised to see what I ended up with. You might even say she would LOVE to receive this card in the mail for Chrissy!!! ROFLOL!!! Sorry personal joke!!

Anyway here it is

Pretty cute HUH! I love it actually! You might not be able to see but I used the Gold Glow Smooch Spritz on the base of the card. I think I am in love with this stuff….this stuff really glows.

On another note my youngest girl had her birthday on the 2nd of December and she turned 7. I cannot believe how fast they are all growing, I would love for things to slow down a bit, but I now that won’t happen.

Can you guess what she got for her birthday?! Can you also guess that she loves pink?! She was very happy I can assure you.

And of course there was cake!

So there you go, we won’t mention that we were one candle short on the birthday cake….whoops…. LOL! I must say though she had a wonderful day, we even organised ice-creams to share with her class on the day. We had her best friend over for the afternoon and had hotdogs for dinner. What a day! Then that night we attended the Graduation Service where Sean handed over his Community Captaincy roll over to the new year sevens for next year. I cannot believe he is off to high school next year! Where…and I mean really where does the time go?

Thanks for dropping by!


5 thoughts on “A Holiday Lineup with a birthday attached!

  1. I love your card Kirsty, the Holiday Lineup set is just fantastic. The layout is gorgeous as are your colours. I can just see the Gold Smooch Spritz and just might have to add some of that to an order. I’m sure in real life it looks even better 🙂
    Happy birthday to your daughter. My second child Cameron turned 18 on the same day. Boy, do I get where you’re coming from when wanting to slow things down a bit. I love her bike and birthday cake, I love all the pink. Hope you all had a wonderful day.
    Enjoy the week ahead.


  2. That certainly is a very gorgeous card Kirsty. Happy birthday to you 7 year old. I have to agree with slowing things down a bit. THEY TO GROW WAY TO FAST.
    Happy Crafting


  3. gorgeous photos of that sweet little birthday girl, especially the blowing out the candle one, i love it, and that is one you will have to scrapbook, its screaming for your artistic touch.
    we need to catch up some time soon if we can.
    happy new year girlfriend! love ya x


  4. Hi Kristy,
    Was just reading your blog and I noticed we share a common thread!
    My Daughter also had a Birthday on December 2nd,
    Only she turn the big 1-0!!
    AND she also recieved a bike!!
    Very much like your daughters – loves it too!!
    You daughter looks like she’s very much like my Cheye – it’s all the pink!

    Hope she enjoyed her day!


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