Inkspiration Colour Challenge #46

Hey everyone!

Well you are all probably wondering what happened to me last night and why I didn’t post on time! All I can say is that I had my creation created early for once, I edited all the photos, typed my post up and then I scheduled it to post at six last night……..but when I checked this morning the post had completely disappeared and I don’t think it published at all! Ggrrrrr!!

But it’s all good! I have something super cute to show!

I love these boots, and I have been making heaps of these the past week…plus an array of other super cute things. This would be why I have been missing in blog land. I hope to get back to regular tuning soon!

I love to put bags of red licorice or scented soaps inside for quick easy gift ideas. On Father’s Day you can do the sock in masculine colours and fit a couple of pairs of mens socks inside or hankies….what ever takes your fancy!

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10 thoughts on “Inkspiration Colour Challenge #46

  1. LOL – hey Kirsty I laughed at your posting drama cause I have done that many a time. My last mishap, I scheduled it to post, had the dates and time all correct and when I pressed publish, instead of it scheduling my post, it posted it straight away! I just put it down to technology! lol

    Now onto the boot. I reckon this is the cutest darn thing and your colouring is fabo too! I cant wait to see pics of your little craft stall. Hope you bring next to nothing home like last time!



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