Inkspiration Challenge #44

Hey everyone!

Sorry this is late! But I had a disagreement with Photoshop Elements this arvy…it won….but I came back and gave it what for and I won that round! LOL! I also had trouble with this weeks challenge. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the colours and there are quite a few samples lying in my bin right now! Don’t get me wrong……the combo is fine and dandy it was just my mind telling me I had no ideas! My initial thought was to do something with Extreme Elements but I used that set with the last challenge and I wanted to give you something different to look at. After playing with Awash With Flowers for a while I came back to my Extreme set…..I just couldn’t help it. LOL!

I was hoping the blue would be stronger so it was not so transparent, but I think it would only have worked with the craft ink which isn’t available anyway, but I do like that it is subtle enough for a cool girl card. What do you think?

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I also have some photos I took the other day from our visit to the Wivenhoe Dam Spillway. The Wivenhoe Dam is purging water as it as at 100% and we are expecting a lot of rain in the coming months so they are making room. Very important as this dam stops Brisbane from being flooded and was built after the ’74 floods. The Spillway has not been opened for over 11 years and is quite an extraordinary sight to behold. It was so very busy there that Traffic Controllers were called in to handle the crowds. Everyone was dripping wet from the spray but no one cared. The kids were in awe. The power of water is simply amazing. You could feel the force as it rushed past.

On the way out alongside the road was a koala in a tree, we stopped to take photos and were greeted by a very cute and curious looking baby koala being cuddled by mum.

Well that’s it from me! I have a busy weekend getting ready for the craft fair next month.

Thanks for dropping by!


10 thoughts on “Inkspiration Challenge #44

  1. Fabulous use of the colours Kirsty!! Love the girly rock look of the Extreme Elements too! Those Koalas are so darn cute and I never realised they were so far up the east coast!!! Lots of rain huh? It has been very wet here in Cairns too, which they say is very unseasonal??? Anyway thanks for your amazing inspiration this week! Love Keesh x


  2. Wow Kirsty, I really love your card. I think you did a great job with these colours, and you do gorgeous cards with that set, so I don’t blame you for going back to it. As Keesh said a perfect “girly rock” card. And your photos are awesome, I can just feel the power of that water by looking at them.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Hey there chicki babe!

    As usual – GORGEOUS CARD!! I love the colour combo for this week so hopefully I can play along too!

    The photos of th dam are awesome too. What a site that would be IRL and to see a mummy and bubby koala – what a treat!

    Luv K


  4. Love the girly extreme elements card-must get my hands on this set ; ) I’m hoping to join in the new colour challenge today, so fingers crossed it doesn’t do my head in too! Love the pics of the dam-would seriously love some of that water to be falling over here in the west-so so SO dry here : ( Gorgeous mum & bub koala too- such a great day out for you & the fam xx


  5. Love the card – great way to mix it up, colours and image are not necessarily what you would imagine as being put together, but it works!!! And the photos are fantastic – you can feel the power, just through the photo – the sound must have been amazing, too.


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