Baby Bundle!

Hey everyone!

On Thursday I told you all I was off to visit my buddy Michelle. Well I had a fabulous day! Even though we intended to stamp all day, we didn’t quite get there! LOL! Firstly I left home 2 hrs later than planned {don’t ask, LOL!}, got there did some chatting, started creating, did some more chatting, had lunch, more chatting, and then more stamping……….OMG!!! I have to go, it’s getting late! Oh well! The day just went too fast. So after saying my goodbyes I head off in the sunset only to get stuck in traffic on the Pacific Motorway for an hour and a half! I’m not even sure what it was that made us sit there that long….all of a sudden we were off and there was no clues to what blocked us. Later closer to home on the Warrego Highway there was a terrible accident in a well-known black spot and I was thankful ten minutes earlier I jumped off to get some dinner {which I planned to get in Gatton} at Plainlands.  What a mess. Wreckage was strewn all across the four lane highway {{{{shudder}}}} Scary stuff!

But anyway I did manage to create 2 cards on my visit and this is one of them

I was very impressed with the example in the catalogue, I recreated it some what. I left out a couple of the stamps and did a couple of my own things, but generally the same. I think I might love this set! I will play with it some more and I will let you know!

Thanks for dropping by!

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