Awash with Curly Cute!

Hey everyone!

Today I am visiting a very kind and sweet stampin’ friend! Her name is Michelle O’Neill. You may have seen her some of my photos from the Fundraiser and Regionals and we belong to the same team…the Mad Inkstincts! I am making thank you cards for all the people who helped me on my big day that was such a HUGE success! But everyone’s card is going to be different! I get bored very easily making the same card over and over! LOL! I hope to visit my other helpers soon and when I do I will post a pic of their cards!

I am enjoying watercolouring a lot lately it has been very therapeutic! Not sure why??! LOL! I used to struggle with it a LOT! But I think I realised it didn’t have to be perfect!

I hope she likes it!

Thanks for dropping by!


7 thoughts on “Awash with Curly Cute!

  1. what gorgeous colouring for this card – the recipients will be delighted to get their thanks. P.S. I’m still hoping to get time to enter the latest inkspiration challenge – babysitting duties and work have conspired to keep me away from my scrapping room so far this week!


  2. Kirsty it has been forever, or at least it seems that way since we played on Krisitna’s Color Inspiration and I have to say I miss the group that would gather there. I have moved on and have not checked on my old huants on some time. I came across you again today and smiled! Hope you are well! It sounds like you are…I am sure our paths will cross again. Until another time…blessings ~Donna


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