A Fabulous Affair!!

Hey everyone!

Well first I would like to apologise for my absence from the Inkspiration Challenge last week! It is the first one I have ever missed and will be the last. Most of you know I had the RACQ Careflight fundraiser last Saturday and the week preceding was as you can imagine very busy! I just plum forgot and I thought I would be able to get it done on Sunday………that didn’t work. I thought I would just relax this week and come in with a fresh perspective this week with all cylinders firing……so watch out tomorrow!!!

I have to tell you though that we raised a stunning $1,962.20. The school my children attend raised a further $314.00. It was a fabulous event and I had a great time and so did the guests. Have a look at some of the pictures of the day!

I just wish I got more photos of the day, but that’s okay some of my helpers got some beauties on their cameras. I will show them when I have a copy.
We did receive a visit from QT (Queensland Times) and they did a little interview and took a couple of photos. Go HERE to have a look!

We ended up on the front page of Mondays edition….. OMG!!! But it didn’t end there. Channel Ten were in the area on Monday and asked if we would do an interview for the News at Five program. I was a little nervous but we did it, my hubby and I plus our little man. It was very strange seeing ourselves on TV. Even Darcy recognised it. They also showed some footage of the day when everything happened and Darcy told us that was when he ‘fell in the water’. It was a sad moment and Darcy and I shared a cuddle on the lounge as he remembered that fateful day. Poor thing…..I thought he didn’t recall a thing.

We were, however, so very happy that RACQ Careflight received more exposure and letting people know that CPR is an invaluable thing to learn. It can save someones life.

Well as you are probably aware there was a snippet of a card above! So that must mean I have something to show you! LOL! I received all my new goodies today….WOOHOO!!! So exciting. I had a small chance this arvy to have a play and what I have been most itching to play with is Awash with Flowers. It will be my new A Rose is a Rose.

I hope you like it and I am now off to do some more crafting!

Thanks for dropping by!


11 thoughts on “A Fabulous Affair!!

  1. Congratulations on the success of your fundraiser! The whole of the emergency services do a wonderful job and it’s fantastic they were able to get some exposure, even if it was difficult for your family. Beautiful card too.


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