My New Craft Trolley!!

Hey everyone!

I have a little sneak peek for you all from the new catty and then some pics of my new Craft Trolley. I lurve my new trolley. It is so accessible and makes me want to craft more! WOOHOO!!! So exciting!

There is a card in the new catalogue that inspired this one. So very pretty! This is using one of the stamp sets that will be released September 1st and I am totally in love with it…..the stamp set that is! LOL! I also used the Vintage Wallpaper textured Impression Folder! Another one of my faves.

But now here are some pics of my new trolley!!

Some suspension files for all my cardstock! All named and ready to go. This is what I look at when I turn right in my chair.

Heaps of room for all my punches

and of course my BigShot and some other bits and pieces. It has not been refined as yet! I am sure I will chop and change things as I go to suit my needs most. I love it…love it…love it!! It sounds lazy but I just hated having to get up and dig things out of my tidy drawers to play. So maybe this will mean that I will be crafting more!! I am so excited about that! Are you?

Thanks for dropping by!


8 thoughts on “My New Craft Trolley!!

  1. Love your trolley, Kirsty. It has things that one uses frequently. So handy and can take it anywhere I guess! Will it fit into the car boot? That would be even better to take for classes and friend’s stamping group. What did you get the trolley?
    Thanks for sharing! Your card is lovely!


  2. beautiful card. i love coming by to see what you’ve created- always something to inspire me. 🙂
    i love your cart/trolley…now i want one. it looks perfect. i am in the same position. i keep having to get up to get all those same special things. you’ve come up with a brilliant solution. i’m going to have to do something similar. thanks for the idea.


  3. HA! Ha! Can you tell why I have Anne and Shell in my downline!!! We all love things that match and look “PRIDDY”. AND…As if you could spend anymore time stamping and stuff!! LOL!
    Hey, Sorry I can’t be there on Saturday as I have my launch. Let me know how I can donate- perhpas I need to send a little something with my trusty pal Shell. Have fun and fingers crossed for a fab day. Meges XX


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