JAI #25

Hey everyone!

The plan for the weekend was to participate in as many challenges I could………I FAILED miserably! I completed one, and that took me allllll day. I finished it last night around 10.30pm. I am so not in the zone and I am hating it. But I like this card. At first I was “ahhh, okay this one is so,so”, but when I woke this morning with a fresh perspective, I didn’t mind it at all!

So this is Just Add Ink’s challenge this week

Verrrry nice hey?! You should give it a try!

Here is my submission

I will say when the card is front on you can see the whole sentiment. I didn’t see that I was chopping it off when I was taking its glamour shot. LOL! So what do you think of the two totally different stamp sets, the stamps that are in the “never thought of putting those two together” category. I think they look pretty good together. The big flower fits beautifully in the middle of the medallion. The colouring however will not be mentioned! LOL! I had a couple of boo boo’s! It’s all practice I say!

Anyway seeing as the kids are having a Pupil Free Day today (found that out the hard way, mind you I have never seen three kids sink so far down in the car seats before….LMAO!!), I am going to participate in some more challenges!

Thanks for dropping by!


21 thoughts on “JAI #25

    • okay … cold fingers hit the return key before I meant to!! What I had planned to say, was, it’s the COLOURING that stood out to me as soon as I saw it – you did a beautiful job with the graduation of colour. LOVE the use of the Medallion as a backdrop to that big, beautiful flower, and your cut-off Top Note is a touch of genius. Love it all. Laughed heartily at your ‘finding out the hard way’ about Pupil-Free Day; you get the “Mother of the Year” badge today 🙂


  1. I love this card, Kirsty!! It is absolutely gorgeous, as all of your creations are. I thought the colours of this challenge were just beautiful. I do admire your colouring, unfortunately that is not one of my strong points!!!

    I had to laugh when I read your Pupil Free Day story – it was only recently that my middle son walked to school, put his bag in the port rack and realised there were no other kids around, hahha!! It was so funny, a teacher came and told him that it was a Pupil Free Day!!!



  2. WOWZER LOVE!!! That’s a bit spesh, I am loving this one. You have got to be happy with that one. Now if I can pull off something half as good as your gorgeous one I will be over the moon!!!LOL



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