I have a GOOD reason….I promise!

Hey everyone!

I do realise that I have let you all down….. even if it just a little bit! My blogging seems to only consist of my Inkspiration challenges. That’s not all bad but if I didn’t have that I would go mad I am sure of it! because then I wouldn’t have any creating time at all! What I have been doing is getting ready for the RACQ CareFlight Fundraiser! Wanna see some pics of what I have been up to?! Stupid question I know!!

A couple of projects sitting on top of all the kits

250 kits to be exact

Some pre-packed goodies to sell! The boxes behind are full of these.

I love them all and want to keep them!!

A BIG thank you to Amy Waters for her inspiration for the packaged goodies. Makeesha for letting me use her fabulous ideas for some of the projects and of course all of her advice! All the girls on the Elite forum…..for all your kindness in donating product for the event. It is all very much appreciated. This is my first fundraiser and with everyone’s help and support I know it will be a success!

Well I will be back later today to reveal the winners for Inkspirations and then later again with this weeks challenge! That means three posts in one day!! Hehehe!

Thanks for dropping by!


7 thoughts on “I have a GOOD reason….I promise!

  1. Girlfriend – I dunno how you do it! All those goodies look AMAZING!! I’ve sat down today to try and make cards and am seriously drawing a blank! So now, I’m sulking whist having a nice hot cuppa and some chocolate………maybe that will spark me up some! lol

    Luv K


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