Army Card!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to pop on here and show you all a card I made a couple of months ago for a young boy who is totally Army mad! I also wanted to test my new watermark as you can see I haven’t been protecting my photos of my work ever since I changed comps and I finally sat down last night and made my watermark…..and it was sooooo easy!! I should have done it earlier.

There that’s better!!

Now for my absence……trust me it’s a good excuse! As most of you know I am currently organising a fundraiser for RACQ CareFlight, as we required their services earlier this year and I know I didn’t go into detail with you all about what happened but at the time I was not in a good place emotionally. I can now tell you that we nearly lost our youngest son to drowning in a cement water tank. He is totally okay, he didn’t suffer any long-term damage and was also very lucky to stave off any infections. We all are currently much better emotionally and my family and the close friends involved received counselling to help us get there. I think preparing this fundraiser has helped even more! I have received so much support and help from my fellow demonstrators, who are all my friends, since the event and I appreciate every single one of them! They are all now helping again by donating Stampin’ Up! product, ideas and their time for the fabulous fundraiser that will go live on the 4th September 2010! I am super excited!

RACQ CareFlight is an awesome service that relies heavily on donations and fundraisers such as mine and I am very excited that I can give just a little bit back, as it wasn’t just the service we received but also the flight crew’s support and love that they gave us on the day! As you could probably imagine I was a mess on the day! I also cannot forget the local Ambulance crew either. Just simply the best! They do a remarkable job and I appreciate them so.

I will be posting soon about the event I will be holding here in Gatton in more detail but be assured there will be fabulous projects and prizes and beautiful handmade projects to buy! And don’t forget I am auctioning off my Hubby!! LOL! I will let you know more about that later!

Thanks for dropping by!

7 thoughts on “Army Card!

  1. Hey there chicki! So glad this fundraiser of yours is almost in full swing! Have you thought about offering the kits and instructions for sale online to help raise some more $! Since I can’t be there in person, I’d be more than happy buy a kit full of stuff to make!

    Luv K


  2. What an awful experince to go through. My youngest son had a severe seizure in January, so I can totally understand the emotions and fears you went through. It was the first time I had ever had to call an ambulance. I’m glad your son is ok and that everybody is working their way through it.

    Good luck with your fundraiser. I will keep an eye out for more details.


  3. Love the card Kirsty and I bet it put a huge smile on the young boy’s face. Sounds like the fundraiser is going to go well. It’s good to hear that everything went well with your son. My heart went out to you when I read what had happened. I, too, have a very adventurous 3 year old who had a mishap the day before his 2nd birthday. Very scary stuff!!!


  4. Oops, like the other Karen, I also forgot to mention that I too would be interested in kits or the like to raise more money if you did something online. I also forgot to mention that I love your watermark. I have recently been having a play and finally came up with my own as well. Fun stuff!!


  5. I am like the others and would love to purchase a kit to help your fundraiser. A awful experience. Glad to hear you are coming through now. Love the card what a gorgeous boy idea.


  6. I went through the same thing nearly 13 years ago to this day with my then 3 year old daughter. My husband and I were down at a swimming area at a local dam with our 3 children. We were visiting with friends while we were each responsible for watching some of the kids. Unfortunately we each thought the other was in charge of this specific daughter. She was found floating lifeless in the water near the dock. She was resuscitated on a picnic table by 2 of our friends who were EMT’s and were luckily not on the water in a boat. She rode in an ambulance to our a hospital 60 miles away where she spent the night and had no side effects. She went from being blue to being O.K. Her normal pediatrician commented on how lucky she had been. I just feel the Holy Spirit was at work. So don’t be hard on yourself. Things happen and you just deal with it. My daughter will now celebrate her sweet 16 birthday next week. Good luck with your son’s recovery and your fundraiser.


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