I just had to share with you all a project my little girl did on COWS!! I helped of course….but all the parents were asked to! Nothing like doing grade one again in your 30’s LOL! She presented it this morning and did a little talk on how to care for your pet cow! Well in this case just cows. Can you see what I used to create this masterpiece?? LOL!

Akayla loves animals so much! She is very lucky that she has a large variety of them to pick from. All of them share a horse, which stays at the farm with the cows, they have a dog and a cat at home and sometimes Akayla will argue the case that her younger brother is also an animal but just not the same category…LOL!! They have also owned Guinea Pigs, mice and birds. You are probably wondering why Akayla chose cows then?? Well all the children were on a  weekly roster to show and talk about their project and Akyala was towards the end of the term and everyone who had done theirs did them on cats, dogs and ponies so she decided to do it on something that hasn’t been done yet, even though you don’t usually class cows as pets, she thinks of them that way. She is such a loving little girl and she loved me even more when I helped her produce her fabulous work of art…. LOL! I hope you enjoyed it too!

Thanks for dropping by!


5 thoughts on “COWS!!

  1. What a FANTASTIC page Kirsty! Did you remember how fun grade 1 was while you were doing it! lol
    I just have visions of you sitting on a big chair, your legs swinging under it while your assembling the page and thinking about that vegemite sandwhich you have for little lunch!

    It looks AWESOME chicki – REALLY awesome!

    Luv K


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