More Convention News!

Hey everyone!

I have a super long post for you today with lots of pics! Just to let you know we had a fabulous nights sleep last night….no fire alarms….. unless of course I may have slept through that! LOL! I was tired.

First I am going to show you a couple of shots of the fabulous fireworks display that was right outside our penthouse floor apartment window!

There is a live Jazz Festival happening here for three days so we have some fab music to listen to as well!

Here are some piccy’s of some ultra fab friends…..part of the Inspirations DT…….please excuse my very stupid pose! LOL! But aren’t Teneale and Sarah-Jane just gorgeous! I have made some wonderful stamping friends in those two! {sorry about the poor photo too}.

Of course the gorgeous Sarah Klass! I have made mention to Sarah that every convention that we both attend at the same time we are going to have an updated photo and I just love this one!

Of course I couldn’t go past Shelli Gardner when there is a photo opportunity just begging

The next photo is a pic of a woman who continually has me in stitches…..if you know her you will understand!! LOL

I have heaps more but I will show you another time. Next I have some pics of the gifts I gave to my roomies

Of course I have to show one of my other swaps as well

Are you over photos yet??? That will do you today….Hehe!

Thanks for dropping by!


9 thoughts on “More Convention News!

  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you, it is soooo nice to see some photos and info from convention. i am missing being there this year, although I am enjoying the Unconvention, it is not quite the same as seeing all those lovely demos and all the fab treats and sneek peeks.

    Thanks for keeping us unconventioners in the loop:)



  2. ooh thanks Kirsty for the update. I’m feeling particularly sorry for myself tonight here in my little stamping room when I know you guys are living it up over there. Love your pics and what a great bunch of girls! Loving your hair too!
    Can’t wait to see more and get some more news. Your little gift bags are gorgeous as is your swap of course!


  3. Ditto to what Rach said!! Back home, utterly exhausted, after Convention …. fantastic to meet you at long last, lovey. LOVE the photo of you and Sarah. All your piccies are great; you’re way too organised, girl. Looking forward to getting that swap in the mail 🙂


  4. OH what fun you have had Kirsty!!! WOO HOO! So glad you got to meet up with the DT girls, and have a blast! Thanks so much for sharing your photos, with us that weren’t there!
    Take care chicki, Love Keesh. Ps I agree with everyone… the new hair do! x


  5. oooh, ooh I got that swap – lucky me!! Hi Kirsty, it was just delightful to meet you in person, just wish we could have managed a bit more of a chat – may’be next year!

    Love Kim
    PS: Your roomies were two very lucky ladies!!


  6. Hi Kirsty, what a wonderful time we all had, I wanted to let you know how excited I was to finally meet you. your fire work photos are really good and my hubby who teaches photography said ” those are impressive pictures, it’s really hard to get good colours in photos of fireworks” So there you go, you now have two fans in this household! Take care and hope to see you next year, lots of inky hugs from Charmaine xxx


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