I have I got some NEWS for you!!!!

Hey everyone!

What a day it has been, and what a blast I have had!!! There is some fabulous news coming our way but first I want to share some photos I have taken from todays events,

The lovely Shelli Gardner!

The hilarious Bonnie Thurber!

The effervescent Meges!

The perky Shell!

My glamorous Mum!

My two roomies (in the middle) Wendy and Deb!

I also have some exciting news.

If you were thinking of joining Stampin’ Up! as a demonstrator to receive all the fabulous benefits then NOW is the time!! From today til 31 July you can join SU for just $259……that’s 20% off the regular price!!! How fabulous is that! I am soooo excited! Contact me today if you have any questions!

Okay I thought I would show you one of my other swaps….

I have received some fabulous swaps in return so hang onto your pants and for the next few weeks I will show them all to you!

Okay…..after last nights little dilemma! I am a little tired so I am going to get myself some dinner and get to bed! Okay I will tell you what happened! Last night we were evacuated from our hotel twice…..yes that’s right TWICE for fire alarms! We are on the penthouse level so we had lots of stairs to go down! LOL! The first time was a little funny but the second was just NOT ON!!! One went off at 1.20am and the other 3.20am. The first time I didn’t know what it was and was telling my Mum to turn her blasted phone off! but then someone was yelling that it was the fire alarm. OMG!!!  Why on earth are we on the top level? As it turned out they were both false alarms. We were not happy girls. We had convention, we didn’t want to be sleeping at the tables during someones speech! Sooooo anyway that’s why I am going to bed early!

Thanks for dropping by!


7 thoughts on “I have I got some NEWS for you!!!!

  1. Thanks for the update Kirsty!
    The new catty looks beautiful!!!
    Hope you had a better night last night.
    Us unhappy stay-at-homers are hanging on a thread, stalking all blogs just to hear a whisper of anything lol
    Have fun


  2. Okay! Delete that photo of me or have a “fab” photo you you to put up!!!! LOL! You did look so fantastic at 12:30AM in your jimmyjams.
    Can you believe it’s all finished for another year??? So many photos to go through and sort. So many great ideas to play with AND FOUR new stamp sets to play with. I love Prize patrol!


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