Award Heaven!

I have been awarded even more by beautiful friends and crafters. Some I have met and some I hope to meet soon…….Woohoo! Convention is just over a week away and I am super excited. I just don’t know how I will fit everything in and meet all the people I would like to meet AND have coffee with them all?! I think I will be coffeed out! LOL! 

The award


The people I have received them from are

Aren’t I a lucky girl?! Thank you very much ladies….it is very much appreciated. I will not name another 10 blogs but I do realise I didn’t  tell you 10 things about myself. So I might do that…..prepare to be stunned! LOL! No it is all tame.

  1. When I was 18 I was a contestant in a Miss Showgirl Contest. I was told I needed a partner, so I asked the guy (who I thought was pretty good looking…hehe) at the business next door to our coffee shop to be my date. He is now my husband!
  2. My work experience through school was spent at the Sandgate Police Station (and NO I wasn’t behind bars…LOL!). I got to drive around with the Constables and tell little kiddies to put their helmets on. We also set up a speed trap (radar) and this one fellow was doing 93 in a 60 zone. He ended up being unlicensed, car was unroadworthy and unregistered and engine number did not match cars details etc etc. OMG!
  3. My first full-time job was with Bellmere Lodge Racing Stables. I got to strap some great horses at the Races all over SE QLD. I love horses.
  4. I helped my Mum run her small coffee shop in a little town called Esk for just a year. It was a real eye opener to how RUDE some people are. It changed me quite a bit and I was not so social for a few years.
  5. My favourite movie of all time is Man From Snowy River followed closely by Phar Lap. I might have had a little crush on Tom Burlinson in my teen years!
  6. I love to bake! Choc Chip cookies, cup cakes, cakes, cheesecake and such, no wonder I need to lose weight!
  7. I have only been making/stamping cards for two years. But I have been scrapping for seven.
  8. I have only been out of QLD once and that was to go to last years convention in Canberra! It was also my first trip on a plane!
  9. I only own two pairs of shoes at one time! I know…I know I’m reaching now! I told you I’m tame.
  10. I am addicted to Patterned Paper I would have over 500 different pieces and every time I step a foot in a scrapbooking shop I walk out with paper even if I went in there for ribbon. Most of the time I would forget the ribbon!! LOL!

So there you go. 10 not so fascinating things about me! 

Thanks for dropping by!


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