Inkspiration Inspiration #21WINNER!

Hey everyone!  

It was so much fun hosting this weeks challenge and I look forward to future hosting sessions. I do not envy however, how Keesh has to choose a winner every week. It is too hard! I liked them all so much! I want to thank everyone that participated in this challenge…you all did a fabulous job!  

In the end I couldn’t go past Susan Joyce’s  fabulous creation. I love how she layered the flowers so evenly with bits of leaves poking through. Such a gorgeous vase looking base as well. Gorgeous colours too! Oh so pretty! I love it! 



The Honorable Mention goes to Anne. Anne made two fabulous creations and I loved them both. I really love the smooch spray that Anne used. It gave the card such a glittery feminine feel! Just gorgeous!  



Here is a slide show of all the other fabulous creations …..I hope this works I have not done a slide show before! We’ll see 

Thanks for dropping by! I will be back later with my submission to the next Inkspiration Challenge! See you then!  



5 thoughts on “Inkspiration Inspiration #21WINNER!

  1. Thanks so much, Kirsty! I’m delighted that you liked my card so well. You had such a gorgeous photo for inspiration that it made everything easy.

    And I agree that Susan Joyce’s card is jaw-dropping gorgeous.



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