Some Exciting NEWS!!

Hey everyone!

There are some absolutely fabulous news today from Stampin’ Up! We are having a COLOUR revamp. How exciting!! We are keeping 24 of current colours, Introducing 5 brand new colours,  reintroducing 10 past InColours, and renaming Kraft as Crumb Cake. So that is 40 colours all up. Just have a look at the new collections-

As you can see Earths are now gone but some of the colours have remained and have been scattered between the collections. Just like some of the other families. We also have 10 colours per collection rather than 12. Isn’t it just GORGEOUS!!! As you can see I am very excited. LOL!

The InColours we get each year has changed a little too but for the better. We will receive 5 new Incolours each year with the new Catalogue and these colours will stay in the catalogue for 2 years. Which means we will have 10 Incolours each year. For our first catalogue though we will only have the 5

If you would like to look at the list of colours being retired here is the LIST.

This colour renovation won’t take effect until our new annual catalogue, which starts September, so there is some time to purchase and stock up on reinkers and cardstock. I would recommend though that you start compiling  a list and ordering as soon as you can because I would say by at start of August it will be ‘while stocks last’.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the new up to date cutting edge colour revamp!

Thanks for dropping by!


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