The other Onesie!

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I mentioned that I was making  another onesie card. I stayed up late again last night to finish it and my mum was with me every step of the way. {good ole’ mum} I already had the base completed decked out with the neck and leg trimmings, the brads, tag and the embossed stars. We just had to come up with the central design. You think that would have been easy….but noooooooo! We came up with a couple alternatives including the duck from one of my old favourites ‘All Mixed Up’. But after careful consideration we decided the duck was too ‘old’ for a baby card. I then decided to play and design my own Hot Air Balloon. So here it is-

It’s a teeny bit cute don’t you think? You cannot see it but it also has the bum flaps the same as the first card. I think the ladies will love their cards and that is my job done for the day!

Thanks for dropping by!


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