Baby Onesie Card!

Hey everyone!

Well just the other day my mum asked me if I could whip up a couple of cards for two work colleagues that were both leaving on Maternity Leave {must be something in the water over there…….remind me not to work there…LOL!}. I have one completed and I will show you that one today…..the other is in progress and I will show you that one when it is completed. It will be the same style just different colours. My mum over saw everything that I did {just in case} and stayed up late with me to complete it. I might do something on the inside yet…we will see. I might be overthrown by the matriarch!

It is nearly the height of an A4 piece of cardstock, so it is quite large. It was required to be big enough to fit 60 signatures. I found the template at Cards by Karlum. Go and check it out because there are hundreds of different templates you can download. The only thing I changed was the back piece. I rounded it to imitate a real onesie. What do you think, was it a good idea?

I am very happy with how it turned out! I’m pretty sure the mums to be will like it too.

Thanks for dropping by!


8 thoughts on “Baby Onesie Card!

  1. OHHH MY!!!! Kirsty this is AMAZING!! I love the softness of the lines and the detail with the crimper… ohhhh i love it all!! i’VE BEEN SEARCHING THE NET ALL MORN FOR A NICE ONESIE CARD!! the seach is over!! Love, LOVE your work!! Thanks sooo much for sharing!!
    Happy creating,
    smiles SHarnee :0)


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