Some Baby Love!

Hey everyone!

Just an ultra quick post today! We are off for that BBQ in the park soon. It will be lots of fun. This is another card I created at the all nighter! It is too cute and I have some requests to do a workshop with it. I might make a matching gift box to go with it. I will let you know.

He’s the cutest duck I have ever seen! I hope you like him! He is all paper pieced. It was actually a lot of fun to make.

Well best be off…..plenty to do and OH MY……’s back to school tomorrow! YAY!!!

Thanks for dropping by!


8 thoughts on “Some Baby Love!


    We are staying home and gonna watch ‘Australia’ on DVD! Its pouring rain in Mackay, so no bikini on the beach for me I’m afraid! roflol


    PS – just for the record I was TOTALLY joking about the bikini – that aint ever gonna happen! lol


  2. Adorable .. love it! It’s freezing here in Chicago.
    Snowing, winds blowing, temps dropping below zero, waiting for trains have been no fun! Coming home to this, made it worthwhile. Thanks for the great post.


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