All that Glitters!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all have had a fabulous Christmas, and were able to catch up with all family and friends. I know I have and it has been wonderful! My sister flew down from Rockhampton to spend a couple of days with us all. It was very special indeed!

Amongst the craziness though, I was able to create a very glittery card. Take a look-

What do you think?! I have had the Sticky Cuts in my stash now for around eight months and have never used them. Well it’s time for a change, I am going to start using more of the things that I don’t use a lot of or have not used before! {I wonder how that will go?} LOL! I will let you know.

Thanks for dropping by!


7 thoughts on “All that Glitters!

  1. Love your card Kirsty! I too am gonna start using up lots of things I have here! I’ve spent many a dollar on stuff thats still sitting in my cupboard unopened…………………..but 2010 is the year for usin’ them I think!

    Glad you had a lovely christmas – I can’t believe it was almost 3 days ago now!! Geese!



  2. Hey there Hun,
    Hope you had a fabulous christmas and I just love the card. . .very blingy isn’t it? lol just how I like it. I agree Kirsty we need to start using our stuff and not just coveting it and stroking it every now and then . . . . lol too funny!!!!
    P.S. See you in the chat room soon I hope xx


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