Dancing Queens….and King!

Hey everyone!

Last night was absolutely fantastic and the kids had an absolute ball. I just have to show you some pics of my dancers

Sean Jazzing it up!


Prima Donna Ballerina Jemma!


Tap Queen Akayla!


Are they gorgeous or what?!

Akayla was in 11 different performances of Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Jemma was in 7 different performances of Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop. Sean was in 4 performances of Jazz. There was a lot of costume changing. That was my job on the night. LOL! They all danced together in 4 of those performances, so we were pretty busy there. Jemma and Akayla performed in a further 2 performances together. Is that confusing or what?! I was on the computer the day before doing up an individual program for each child and what their costume was for each dance. It was all so worth it though! They all enjoyed themselves immensely and so did David, Darcy and I. We will be back again next year for more dancing fun.

Thanks for dropping by!


3 thoughts on “Dancing Queens….and King!

  1. Hi Kirsty, I love these pictures of your dancers, they certainly look like they’re having fun and I know how much work mum has to do with all the taxi service and costumes etc. “been there, done that” but it’s all worth it and it is such a short period in our lives, so enjoy it while you can and keep taking lots of photos. I have finally replicated your tri-fold card and payed homage to you on my blog, I hope you don’t mind. Please feel free to have a squiz! Take care, lots of inky hugs from Charmaine 😉


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