Summer Mini Launch update!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to update everyone on my Summer Mini Launch, which is tonight….Yippee! I get very excited at Launches…LOL! Well you all know we are making the Snow Globe card. We are also making a couple of gift boxes. Have a look-

These particular boxes are pictured in the Summer Mini. They are heaps of fun and dead easy to make. The little pink pouch doesn’t even require tape or Sticky Strip to construct. The girls and guys will enjoy this workshop for sure.

My youngest had a great day today. It is the second last day of school and they are having a huge party today. To start off they performed a play for the parents and Grandparents. My little angel Akayla played the part of Mary. Take a look-

Isn’t she just gorgeous?! It was very exciting and I got some great pictures.

Anyhoo! I better get back and sort out the last-minute details of the Launch.

Thanks for dropping by!


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