Fairy delights!

Hey everyone!

I have just had the most enjoyable day watching my daughter Akayla celebrate her birthday with a group of friends from school and/or dance. She was up bright and early to wake me up and inform me to ‘quick get up and we can get ready’. My reply of course was ‘go back to bed its six o’clock in the morning’. LOL! The party did not start til 2pm. She was soooo excited, but when it came to party time she was a little pooped but still enjoyed herself immensely.

We held the event at Fairies on the Downs in Toowoomba. A gorgeous little shop that will host your little fairy or elf party. There’s face painting, fairy floss, fairy stories and fairy games. Lots and lots of fun! To top it off I asked an old school friend to make a Tinkerbell/Fairy cake. I tell you this lady is amazing! So very talented, her name is Heather and has her own business, Say it with Cake. Go and check out her creations….they are just fabulous! Your jaw will hit the ground just like mine. I assure you! My hubby went down this morning and picked up Akayla’s for me. Check it out-

Here is a close up of Tinkerbell-

And of course I have to add a lovely pic of the Birthday girl!

Oh my baby girl is growing up fast! But don’t they all.

Well I might just pop off to bed as I am beat and I have another big day tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by!


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